Saturday, February 18, 2006

Common Rotation

hello all, once again. i just wanted to let everyone know about Adam Busch's band Common Rotation. i just listened to a few of their songs on their website (clever, eh?) and theyre actually pretty good. a little...john mayor-esque, which usually is a negative quality (no disrespect to all you j.m. fans), but overall i liked it. you can also buy their CD "the big fear" on itunes, where, coincidentally, you can download CRZ! weird, eh? alright. thanks guys.


Anonymous said...

aww! poor licious! all on her not-so-evil trio onesies.

hmm.. i started watching season 7.. at last.. i've seen like half the episodes apparently.. but at least now i know what's actually going on.

i only just remembered like yesterday that you are not mexicoed away.

mmmmmmmmep. delicious delicious. damn i have escuela manana. and you'll be all with that creepy dude. i found your blog.. adam busch has a band!?

grrs at you.

teletransportedly yours,
.korn prince.

Anonymous said...

nan, update! dammit! aren't you still floating around somewhere!!

anyway.. james marsters solo album.. yumness. it's delicious.

electronically yours.

"kick a dolly when he's down.. that was always your style"

Anonymous said...

hey, pookie! you're alive!
*this, btw, was meant to be commented on your blog.. jemima puddle duck.. but apparently you've disabled commentage from the anon.. so, deal with the spammage of this btvs thinger*
meeep. ssp going well?
escuela sux on the school-front.
my nails are too long.
i've been looking for the tracklist of omwf. and i finally found it! (took me like 2 hours). i got conflustered porque some sights have "main title" as the 1st track.. and other have it as like the 19th track.
but all's cool now.
i'm so vair vair anal retentive about this sort of crap (haha.. ha.)

ps, i'm vair hap-e that you figured out how lj postingness works. 'twas slendiforous of you to have dropped by.

well, ta ta for now. ttfn!hooohooohooohoooooo. (think tigger)

yours etc,
.merkorn zeus.