Saturday, March 25, 2006

Episode 3!

Hey guys! Episode 3 is finally up on both the URL and itunes. There's much less Talking Head Syndrome and there's a little surprise at the end (ill give you a hint-its not a cookie). Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

Ok so i just listened to your 2nd cast. I loved it. It was way fun! I keeep me going while i cleaned my room. Just a few fun facts i wanted to share

1. You guys said that none of you really watch Angel. I wants to tell you to watch one episode."I WILL REMEMBER YOU" You guys will love it. Just that one you don't have to watch any other one to understand that one.

2. 5 by 5 is a term used by army trained police force men (or women) 5 by 5 was always used by snipers, but it caught with others working on the police force. Anyway it refers to a target (a person) and basically means 'go for it'

Thanks for reading this and keep up the great podcast.