Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Let's Hear it for Adam Busch!

hello all! sorry that its been so long since our last podcast, but due to ellie's need to be athletic (psh, whats THAT about?) we havent been able to record. ANYWAY, we were curious as to how you all (y'all) liked the Common Rotation song "Indie Rockin'" that was played at the end of our last podcast. We all LOVE that song AND Common Rotation (the band behind the song). Adam Busch (the man behind the band behind the song) is amazing, so you should all support him and Eric Kufs.
So let us know A) whether or not you liked the song B) whether or not you liked the fact that there was any song at all, and C) what other songs by CoRo you'd like to hear, if any.

thanks, guys!


Holly said...

I liked the song.

Anonymous said...

need another cast :) my mp3 players waiting and it aint happy!

Spikebytes said...

A) Yes, I liked the song. :-)
B) I think it was a great idea to include it. Perhaps (and this is just a thought) other "Buffy related" songs could be added to future podcasts as well.
C) Ok, I admit...I hadn't heard of them. You can shun me if necessary.

Anonymous said...

aww licious!
i don't like warren's face vair much though.

i'm having a season 3 party in mme davis' room tomorrow.

and wednesday the 10th was the bestest day of the year.

HARRY AND THE POTTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!