Sunday, May 28, 2006

myspace group?

hi there. i was just wondering what you (the people) think about starting a myspace group for CRZ. im not exactly sure what i feel about it (mainly because i hate myspace...oh how i love it so), and because i have not yet conversed with my fellow CRZ-mates about it. i was just wondering what y'all thought. let us know!


Erin said...

NANNY...tsk tsk. You know my stance on myspace. >_>

spikebytes said...

I guess my question would be: what would you/we gain from myspace?

Erin said...

I suppose she means for (maybe) more publicity...or just another way for already fans to connect to us or something.

I wouldn't have anything to do with it, prolly, ololol. But it may be a good idea since so many people have myspace. I dunno. I personally just hate it with a firey passion. :P

spikebytes said...

While I don't share Erin's fiery passionate hatred for myspace I am far from being a fan! I pretty much avoid myspace like the plague. I understand the desire for added publicity though. Perhaps a compromise where a myspace page is created that references this as the main site? That way, you could put your general information etc and basically use it to advertise this site. It's just an idea. *shrug*

While on the publicity topic, please let me know if there are other sites CRZ is listed on that might benefit from a rating.

I love what you guys have to offer. It's SO different from the other Buffycasts out there. Not that they're's just nice to have something more fun and less "35 year old man giving a lecture"-ish. If you know what I mean.

Anyway, keep it up and let me know what I can do to help.

nan said...

nonono! i just thought that this way other people could post their own buffy topics. i honestly dont care about publicity, or anything like that. but instead of only being able to respond to our topics, you could start your own! just a thought.

Erin said...

hehe! Nan, I heart you.

And spikebytes, thanks for your generous offers/compliments! We've been put on a few Buffy websites already ('s it XD), but if you want to put us on more, hey, do what you want! :D

SHPADOINKLE~I just remembered one of my genius ideas. Nan-chan, I'ma call you now. :3

Ellie said...

Grr...nobody consults me on anything anymore. I'm like the Trio member that brings the dip. I'm the Zeppo!!! T_T

Anyway...what was the issue again? Oh, myspace...I don't think it would be a terrible thing to have us make a myspace. Good publicity and attention and all that. Plus, if Common Rotation does it, it can't be too satanic. Possibly. I would contribute to making the myspace page, though, if we went forward with it.

spikebytes said...

Nan - Ahhh, I totally see your point! :-) Sorry for the misunderstanding.

Erin - Sure thing. I figure the more awareness is raised the more fans I will have to chat with and the less of a stalker/groupie I will feel like.

Ellie - Never underestimate the importance of the dip!!! Just as long as someone remembers the chips because, let's face it...finger dipping with a group is just nasty! I digress, my point was that you are a very important part of the trio and instead I have given everyone the wiggens. Oops!