Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Is It Possible?

Gentle listeners, i have terrible, horrible news. We (Erin, Ellie, and I) were wrong...when Faith mentions 7.3.0. it was NOT forshadowing the death of Buffy, but, in fact, the arrival of the evil creature that is Dawn. I am terribly sorry for this heart-wrenching mistake...i must be alone now.

On a happier note, i just bought THE COOLEST Buffy ACTION FIGURE (it's not a doll). That makes me happy. end.


spikebytes said...

Nan, chica...we have to talk about your descriptions! Descriptions like: "the greatest Buffy shirt" and "THE COOLEST Buffy ACTION FIGURE (it's not a doll)" are intriguing, but leave the reader wondering "what makes it the greatest or the coolest." Perhaps if you could tell us what the shirt said or which action figure you're referring to we just might be persuaded NOT to throttle you! Better yet, maybe a picture of the item in question. Then we could ooooh and ahhhh and get all insanely jealous!

Erin said...

What? What do you mean? That was no mistake! I SWEAR IT!

Kaleemera from Greece, by the by~

nan said...

im sorry, spikebytes. i was going to wait for our technical wiz, Erin, to come home, and then i was going to post a picture. so hold your horses, woman! :)

and erin-yeah, we were wrong! apparantly Joss talks about it in the comentary for the episode

spikebytes said...

Woot! An Erin sighting!!!!

I had heard of it as a Dawn foreshadowing as well. So, I'm vote goes to Nan on this one.

Nan, I will hold my horses...for now! I'm anxious to see what new and exciting Buff-stuff is available!