Saturday, June 10, 2006

Just wait, alright?

Alright peeps, listen up. Unfortunately there have been a few technical difficulties with the 4th episode of CRZ. Apparently we are having some trouble putting it up, or whatever (clearly this is NOT Erin, the technical one, talking), so it will be about another week until you all will be able to listen to it. Ok, have a good cry, and then meet me at the next paragraph.
Now, you might be asking me "Nan, why can we not listen to the greatest podcast in the world? Is it not our right, as the fans, to listen to your magestical voices?" This is true. Yes. But our little technical companion, Erin, is spending the next week traveling in a far away land called Greece, and without her and her knowledge of computers, we are unable to do anything other than play javanoid and look up Common Rotation videos, of which I have many. But fear not, friends, because once Erin returns to our homeland, it shall be streamed (whatever that means) and all will be well. I promise. Alright, well i am tired and clearly rambling, so I will leave you with this message: Nothing can defeat the Penis! Thank you.

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spikebytes said...

Thanks for the update! Shame on Erin for leaving us in our time of need, but I hope she has a wonderful trip! :-)