Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Paypal Part II

Hey guys! We have had our first official CRZ donation! Thank you so much (you know who you are). Also, Spikebytes brought up an excellent point about making a donation: You can specify exactly what you want us to do with the money you donate (ex: a new mic to put an end to those annoying screechy noises, purchasing our own domain, or even buying a Spike cut-out for Ellie).

Thanks for all your support, and the 5th episode is coming soon!


elly said...

hey guys i think you can also have some sort of link to Amazon.com so that if someone clicks the think then buys something you get a portion of the money. just thought i'd add that.

nan said...

hm...interesting...thanks for the tip! it kind of makes you think, though, about where your money goes when you buy something off amazon...i hope im not funding some creepy cult (other than CRZ) every time i buy a television season...that would be a lot-o-money.

Spikebytes- i just read the random line you have on your blog about waking up before your alarm clock goes off, and i could not stop laughing. that truly deserves a "lol", for i did, in fact, laugh out loud. bravo, good chap. bravo.

ps-random note: if youre looking for a great book, Giovanni's Room by James Baldwin is incredible!

spikebytes said...

hehe Thanks, Nan! It's always good to know that sometimes I entertain people besides myself. ;-)

I didn't know that about Amazon! That does make it a bit creepy-ish. However, if I was going from a known site (such as CRZ) then I would know where my money was going!

Benny said...

Where is everyone?? I miss you all!
Ill just have to stand over here and sing songs from buffy till you all come back. Hmmm. Cibo Matto Anyone??

Benny sings..."De velocity of time... turns her voice into SUGER WATER!...."

No? How bout the rolling st.. err the Sundays??

Benny sings again... "and wiiiild horses, couldnt drag me awaaayyyy"

Ok maybe i wont sing... but... come back soon!

nan said...

I'm here! I'm here! So for the love of god, you can stop singing alone!...ill sing with you!
(you be Xander)
"This is the man who i plan to entangle, isnt he fine? My Claim to fame was to mame and to mangle. vengeance was mine! but im out of the biz. the name i made ill trade for his. the only trouble is...ill never tell."

Benny said...

she is the one, shes such wonderful fun - such passion and grace! Warm in the night while im right in her tight... embrace! tight embrace!!

Ill never let her go! The love weve known can only grow, theres just one thing that...NO! Ill never tell!

(yay wb nan!)

spikebytes said...

*kicks back with a bag of popcorn to enjoy the show*

nan said...

hm...the next line is a harmony, so i guess the duet ends here. it was fun while it lasted.

Beren said...

I agree. Oh and we gave spikebytes some enjoyment to! A job well done by all.

Anonymous said...

blah! used the wrong name! :(

Benny said...

aggghh and again. Save me Jebas!

nan said...

wow, Beren/Benny/Anonymous...that was intense and disturbing...and quite entertaining! bravo!

Benny said...

sorry... the 'save me jebas' is from the simpsons...
is that what was intense and disturbing? or was it just me! :p

Anonymous said...

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