Saturday, September 16, 2006

200 **wootwoot**

Hey guys! I have two things to say:
1) thank you all so much for both your support and spreading the word about CRZ and...
2) today we reached our highest dailey-listner number-tally-thing: 200 listners in one day!!!!! that was our goal for episode 5, and we reached it! thank you so much!!!!!

*jig* *jig*


Erin said...


thanks for the update nan-chan. And thanks to our listeners! We couldn't do this without you!

...actually we could, but it wouldn't be nearly as fun. So thank you. <3

Harry said...

YAY! go u guys! is good to see that its getting succesfull!

Benny said...

OooOoo, how exciting.
Bet your gonna start wearing sunglasses and only speaking to your parents by appointment :p

nan said...

Please, like we'd talk to our parents again...theyre beneath us.

Neil said...

Congrats on the big 200!
*makes jive gesture*
Its only right you'd get more and more listeners, your podcasts are improving on each season analysis. Plus, who wouldnt listen to avid fans talk about the godliness that is Buffy...and everything Joss.
Glad of be apart of it :)
Congrats again *mental claps*

Anonymous said...

Ha. So I kind of found you guys from itunes music store/podcast. And I was loook that's kind of cute. Not so Evil Trio. The opposite of Warren,Johnathan and Andrew.

1. being not so evil
2. being female.


Benny said...



MyNameGoesHere said...

Wow, I finally got around to going to your site. I made an account just for the occasion (and to leave this comment). I just want to say that I've been listening for some time, and I love it. I'm really glad to hear that you gals have started watching Angel, its really cool. Another thing thats really cool is listening to your podcasts. Sadly enough, my friends aren't really "into" Buffy that much. Or at all. But that doesn't matter anymore, because you are really awesome. That long wait for #4 really took a toll on me (both physically and mentally) but now I've realized that I'm rambling so I'm going to stop. Congratulations on having lots of people listen to the show, and I can't wait for episode 6.

Seacrest, out!

Erin said...

Thanks for that comment! I'm glad you like the show so much. <3

As for commenting on here, for this blog at least you don't have to make a blogger account in order to post a comment. However, blogger is a nice blogging tool, so why not eh?