Friday, September 01, 2006

Talk To Us!

Hey! As you all know we are recording the 5th episode of Cool, Refreshing Zima tonight (finally!). During the hours of preparation (1 of the 3 key words of being both a slayer AND a podcaster) we will be signed on to AIM (our screen name being 'NotSoEvilTrio'). This way, if there's something you want us to mention in the recoding, a cool 5th season trivia fact we could use, or if you just want to talk, we are available directly instead of just commenting back and forth on the blog.



Carolina (Krola) said...

I'm listening to episode 2 right now, but can't wait to listen to them all. You guys are so much fun. Good luck recording... :)

spikebytes said...

Just got home from work, but looks like I missed you guys on aim. :-( Have fun and I know we all look forward to the next podcast!

Will said...

Hey, awesome! I just heard myself sing on a podcast besides my own!

Also, "awesome" is applicable to a lot of other stuff I've just heard, too. I love episode five! "Boo-Yah! Dawn, no one loves you!" still has me laughing. So, great work once again, and I hope to talk to you again soon.