Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Update (Volume II)

Hey guys! Due to both new events in the lives of the Trio and the cornucopia of comments for the last post, I have decided to start up a new one. "So Nan, what are the new events in your lives?" you may be asking. Well to answer that, good sir/madame, I have provided a list:
1. Because I will be in Montana over my birthday, my family and I had small gathering (if you're thinking to yourself: shindig, hootenanny (sp?), then you are a HUGE nerd...) and i got the entire Angel series!!! hurray! this means that hopefully we'll be able to finish Angel sooner than we had expected, and have an Angel podcast up and running before the summer (fingers crossed).

2. As most of you know, one of our favorite bands is Adam Busch's (Warren) band, Common Rotation. Ellie, that lucky bitca, got to actually meet them while Erin and I were filling our brains with knowledge in school last year. Well, thanks to some recent tour schedule (does anyone know how to actually spell this word?) editing, THEY'RE COMING BACK TO PHILLY IN NOVEMBER!!!I know, exciting. so hopefully we'll be able to get some CRZ layout pictures with Adam for our new webpage, which is also coming soon (possibly).

3. there isnt a third point, but you can't have a list with only 2 points.

ok, well that's all for now. BYE!

Monday, October 02, 2006


hey guys. sorry we haven't updated in a while. between school work, angel, the x-files, and our persoanl lives that we pretend to have (when in reality we're just watching angel and the x-files), there hasn't been much time to fit in a little CRZ action. you can expect something by halloween, for we are going to recap our field trip to David B's house!!
stay tuned!