Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Update (Volume II)

Hey guys! Due to both new events in the lives of the Trio and the cornucopia of comments for the last post, I have decided to start up a new one. "So Nan, what are the new events in your lives?" you may be asking. Well to answer that, good sir/madame, I have provided a list:
1. Because I will be in Montana over my birthday, my family and I had small gathering (if you're thinking to yourself: shindig, hootenanny (sp?), then you are a HUGE nerd...) and i got the entire Angel series!!! hurray! this means that hopefully we'll be able to finish Angel sooner than we had expected, and have an Angel podcast up and running before the summer (fingers crossed).

2. As most of you know, one of our favorite bands is Adam Busch's (Warren) band, Common Rotation. Ellie, that lucky bitca, got to actually meet them while Erin and I were filling our brains with knowledge in school last year. Well, thanks to some recent tour schedule (does anyone know how to actually spell this word?) editing, THEY'RE COMING BACK TO PHILLY IN NOVEMBER!!!I know, exciting. so hopefully we'll be able to get some CRZ layout pictures with Adam for our new webpage, which is also coming soon (possibly).

3. there isnt a third point, but you can't have a list with only 2 points.

ok, well that's all for now. BYE!


Benny said...

So nan? What are these new events in your life??
Oh and was that gathering like a shindig? Or more of a hootnanny?

Guys we gotta beat 53 posts. We got a challenge now :P

nan said...

Well, Benny, it's funny you should ask that. why dont you take a gander at the post.

Benny said...

Its officially the 20th down here so......

HAPPY BIRTHDAY NAN! We Love ya! Hope you get lots of nice nice things...N hope you enjoy angel! It Roks!

Oh and btw i DID read the comment! :P

Doug P. from Illinois said...

Hey guys, new listener, and I gotta say, I love it. Also, it's your birthday today? Well Happy Birthday!
And awesome about getting Angel; it really is a great show. Joss is incapable of making bad TV.

Neil said...

Harry and I both wish you a wonderful birthday! Here's to being the centre of attention for a day! *raises glass* Cheers!

spikebytes said...

Nan: Happy birthday! Hope you have a fantabulous day/weekend!

Erin and Ellie: You should probably pull some sort of prank on Nan. It will keep her from getting a big ego about all the attention and it will make you guys feel special too. ;-) Oh wait, Nan read this??? *runs and hides*

Doug: Welcome to the CRZ cult (not the scary kind, more the fun and wacky kind!) :-)

Self: Watch what you say, or you will scare him away!

Benny said...

Spikebytes ALWAYS with the best posts! I hope your not angling for that covereted Fan of the Month prize again, greedy girl. That title is MINE. ALL MINE!!

Mwahahahaha!! :D

Doug P. said...

spikebytes: No worries, I'm used to fun and wacky kind of cults because of the Buffy froum where I spend far too much time =P
And don't worry, I'll stay away from that greenhouse ;)

spikebytes said...

Benny: LOL Ok, but if you're gonna call me "greedy girl," then I will be forced (yes, forced) to call you "jealous boy!"

Doug: Yes, the greenhouse is definitely off limits! Benny keeps trying to sneak in and I won't let him in either. I'm glad your not the type that scares off easily. :-)

Benny said...

Haha yes ok ok i AM jealous.
BUT i will say that *I* dont go to the extent of BRIBING them with shiny gold coins, now DO I??? :P
My plan involves witty retorts and ... umm... no thats it.
Now im worried.

nan said...

hey guys! thank you so much! this was the best birthday ever!

welcome doug p!

spikebytes said...

Nan: Glad you're b-day was a good one. :-) Did we lose Erin and Ellie? Have they wandered into the land of *gulp* homework?

Benny: Are you saying I'm not witty? *sniff, sniff* You're so heartless! (winks at everyone else, but hides it from Benny) If I'd known I would receive so much negative attention I would never have sent the note, "Tell everyone I sent you money and make me a "fan of the episode" or the Spike action figure GETS IT!"

Benny said...

You are the wittyist (wittyist?sp)of us all SB. Its just my raging jealousy, you see? Im scrounging together the cents myself to send in MY bribe, not to mention that long-awaited email i havent had time for ... oh AND this idea me and neil and harry have been throwing around of starting our OWN podcast (the Aussie trio :D) to go hand in hand with this one. And if that comes off then ILL get to pick my OWN fan of the episode. ($$ hint hint SB).

Glad you had a great bday Nan!!!!!

Benny said...

Oh and i just bit my tounge. :(

Ellie said...

spikebytes, you know us too well...im just emerging from the dread land of sports, homework, and procrastination for the moment. like one of those rare sea animals that we for some reason seem to discuss frequently in biology class because our teacher worships turtles. ...our lives are different than other people's.

anyway, no fighting over fan of the episode! unless you get into bidding wars over who will buy a bigger army of cutouts for us, in which case, go right ahead ^_^ we havent even figured out the paypal thing, and knowing us someone (me) will steal all the dinero and stock up on ben&jerrys pints instead of beautifying my room with a lifesized Spike...*sigh* anyway, money isn't that important, you could also send...........chocolates?

oh! and we're hoping to record Eppie 6 in the month after November 10th (the return of Common Rotation!), so you can always look forward to that during these dreary cold october days. unless you're australian, cuz then october days are generally sunny and beach-filled. right?

Erin said...

Yeah, sorry for our scarceness. AP US History and my other 5 classes are devouring my soul.

But the good news is that I'm fairly certain CRZ episode 6 will be recorded on the 10th (post CoRo extravaganza, which I am SO UBERLY PSYCHED FOR, just for the record), and then hopefully up by the early morning hours of the 11th EST. So get psyched. :3

P.S. X-Files rocks the man (I finally finished downloading -er- watching all 9 seasons in an entirely legal manner), so those of you who have not had the opportunity to see them all, I strongly urge you to if you have the time. :3

nan said...

hey guys- so i just watched the episode of Angel when Lindsey sings-does anyone know where i can get that song? i really liked it!

ps-does anyone else think he looks exactly like robb lowe?
pss- angel is quite good, but those of you who think its better than Buffy are just crazy.

Anonymous said...

Lindsey singing is in season 2 right? Lol well those who make judgements on angel after less than 2 seasons are just crazy :P lol

Just be patient nan :P

spikebytes said...

BENNY: I would definitely give the "Aussie Trio" a listen!!! Cool Refreshing Aussies....what's not to like??? Oh, and try to keep your tongue out from between your teeth. ;-)

ELLIE: Sorry to hear things have been so hectic. Hope you guys are finding time for a BIT of a social life. :-) Oh, and watch out for those turtle worshippers, they're nuts!

Benny and I weren't "fighting" persay...it was more like thumb wrestling, playful and fun with no bloodshed, hurt feelings, or real winners/losers. Besides *points at Benny* he started it! *raspberry* LOL

Really anxious for the next podcast! Glad to hear it might be just around the corner. :-) Although I'm sure you guys are a bit more interested in the return of Common Rotation. ;-)

ERIN: Soul devouring is BAD! Have you learned nothing from Buffy??? If the other fans are anything like me, we're already psyched! :-) Even more so now that we have a potential time frame. *snoopy dance*

NAN: I'm not sure about the song, but "Lindsey's" website for his music is kanemusic.com if that helps. The Angel cd is at work, but it may be on that.

I think both Angel and Buffy are good, but in different ways. Which I think is great because some people prefer one, while others lean more toward the other. I personally will always see Buffy as the hillarious "sister show" to Angel's darker "brother show." Yes, I am aware Angel has some hillarity and Buffy some darkness, but overall that's how I see them. They're different members of the same family and I love them both.

spikebytes said...

Sorry guys! Didn't realize how long that was going to be.

Erin said...

No apology needed! We heart beefy comments. <3

Benny said...

Ok so if we do the podcast it will have to wait till the end of the year for these other 2 to finish schooooool *grin* but that just gives us time to prepare.

Oh and Neil - back me up here - Its a small world isnt it!!

Turns out Neils family and my family are very close and have been for years. In fact neils brother went to my sisters birthday party this year. Now is that weird or is that wierd.

I say its weird.

Neil said...

Hey eveyone!
Im imbedded with school books for exams coming up atm! So I've been slightly sidetracked.
But Benny, you are so right. I cant believe how crazy that is. I still cant get over it.

Anonymous said...

Where in Montana were you Nan? I live in Bozeman. Hope you enjoyed our fair state.

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