Sunday, February 10, 2008

an update and a favor

Hey everyone~

I'm a little closer to getting the RSS feed back hopefully that should be resolved soon.

Thanks to everyone who has left feedback so far! Please leave some feedback about what you all want to hear in our 8th episode of CRZ, as there is a *possibility* we may be recording that next month, around my birthday~ (march 27, of course).

Speaking of birthdays, during which one typically is at least nice to the birthday subject, I would like to ask you all a little favor...

Now most of you know there are those things out there that are like "WIN A FREE iPHONE LOLZ!"

Some of you may not know that some of these things actually work, though it takes a little effort. I have decided to try one that a friend of mine has had success with. There are options to win iPhones and other apple stuff, but I'm just going for the $300 in cash thing because I really need money for my Japan trip this summer (well, that or buying new podcasting equipment).

Since this whole thing is based on a referral system, this is where you all can come in. If you like.

Here is a step-by-step tutorial:

1. Register on this website. You'll have a choice of more than just a free iPhone. You can get a free 8gb iPod Nano, free 20" Apple Cinema Display, free 160GB iPod Classic, free 40GB Apple TV, or simply $300 in free cash.

Most people think these things are scams or fake, but they actually work if you do it right. They are based on referrals which, when completed, make advertising money for the giveaway sites. The trick is to pick offers that are absolutely free!

Which brings us to step two:

2. Complete an offer! As previously mentioned, completing a totally free offer is the easiest way to go. If you hurry, there is a free offer from All you have to do is register at this website, navigate to free offers, and find the one for (last I checked it's on the last page of offers). You must keep the account for three weeks to get credit for the offer, and then cancel before the fourth week and retain the credit. What I plan to do is call after 21 days are up and say that I'm canceling because I have a - Mac. The software is only for PC, so it's a good excuse.

Or, you can keep your account and enjoy the convenience of printing postage from home (great for eBay sellers).

Now, when you register at the website, you'll be given the option of completing via referrals or by completing offers. I chose referrals, because it is much easier for us to all help each other out by doing one offer than it is to complete several offers all on our own. That brings us to step number three.

3. Refer your friends using the referral link in your profile. They can even complete the same offer you did (remember, is totally free and requires no payment if you cancel between weeks 3 and 4).

That's it, after you refer enough friends, you can claim your free prize. :)

You can too, it's easy, free, a fun challenge, and it works!

If you want to help me out and refer me, please do so by clicking here! I only need 5 more! :D I'd very much appreciate it, and perhaps even you all could embark on your own free ipod winning quests. Trust me, this thing actually does work, I've seen people win things myself! :D

Oh, and as a side note, feel free to continue the convo in the comments from the last post in this one, if the one below is getting too long. As another side note, I'm glad there's activity going on in there, as the forum is practically barren! XD