Sunday, November 26, 2006

the secret's out~

Okay, this has nothing to do with anything Whedon-y whatsoever, but I'm posting this on here anyway because
a) I feel like it
b) some of you may appreciate it
c) I CAN >:3

As some of you know, I'm really into Japanese pop music. Ayumi Hamasaki's (you may know her from Inu-Yasha...she did one of the theme songs "Dearest." Anyway, she's my favourite J-Pop artist.) new album "Secret" was leaked recently and I've uploaded it for you guys to download.

artist: 浜崎あゆみ (Ayumi Hamasaki)
language: Japanese
file size: 86.1 MB
[ download ] [ buy ]

Enjoy! And comment ~ I'd like to know what you guys think. :3

Sunday, November 19, 2006


I don't know how many of you already watch the amazing show Bones, but if you don't, the week after next's episode is probably a great time to start. Why? Because not only is David Boreanaz the shit, but DAVID DUCHOVNY (a.k.a. Mulder from The X-Files) directed it. And it's looking extremely promising. Besides, what can be better than my two Davids?

Monday, November 13, 2006

Common Rotation and the day that will live in FAMY~

So as you all know (or most of ye), Ellie, Nan along with our comrade Kat went to the Common Rotation Concert at World Cafe Live in Philly D last Friday. Suffice to say it was quite possibly the coolest day EVAR. The concert was so amazing - honestly, their CDs and mp3s cannot even begin to compare with how they sound live. The difference is staggering, so if you've given them a listen and like what you hear, go to one of their concerts because you will be blown away.

Anyway, after the amazingness, we all went down and bought tons o' merchandise from our pal Jordan. We then were able to snag a pic with the band and we left briefly because it was uber crowded and we were kind of in everyone else's way. We decided to delve back in, however, because we didn't want to end on a saddish note (Adam was a bit distant). We went back in armed with out made I ♥ CRZ sign. I approached Adam and said something along the lines of, "This is going to sound really geeky, but my friends and I have this podcast and we would really appreciate it if you could sign this piece of paper for us." Adam then took the sign. Nan was like, "It's a Buffy podcast." Adam then said, "What does CRZ stand for?" Ellie said, of course, "Cool, refreshing zima." I'm unsure if he got the reference - I mean, he was of course in that episode, but you never know how much these people actually remember about what they're in since they're not all obsessive about it like we are. ANYWAY...he signed it "AAAAAAAAH!" And then he put "-> that's for refreshment", and signed it. I was completely SHOCKED because as you know we say "Ahh" in our little intro thing, so it was very coincidental/ironic/A SIGN!? He was uber nice about it, and after me saying thank you like a BAJILLION times (looking like an idiot, of course, I was like shaking my ass off), we left. I was like, "Come back to Philly!" We ran away, and Ellie, as we left, screamed SO LOUD, it was hilar. Anyway, we'll probably tell this story again in our next podcast, but I thought you all should know.

Ellie, Nan, feel free to elaborate on this post if you so desire. And oh! Piccys!

The Not-So Evil-Trio and Common Rotation

Enjoy! (there are more to come, later...)

I'll update again once I know more news about when the next podcast is. Due to upcoming weeks of the tech variety, time is going to be slim - at least for Nan and me, since we're very involved in our school's production of Into the Woods. But hopefully we'll be able to find time soon, because I really want to chat about Season 6, as I haven't had a good Buffy chat in a long time.

Oh, and to those people out there who are like "ZOMG LIEK ANGEL IS SO MUCH BETTER THAN BUFFY": you're whack! :O

Peace out~

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Hello Gentle Listeners.
We here at Cool, Refreshing Zima have horrible news. News so terrible, so outrageous that it has taken us several days to get up the courage to write about it. As many of you know, Ellie, Erin, and I (Nan) live near Mr. Roberts, the father of THE David Boreanaz. So for this Hallow's Eve, the three of us decided to do a little "trick of the treat" at their humble abode. Ellie, dressed as quite a convincing Faith, Erin dressed as Scully from X-files (blasphemer!), and I, dressed as Buffy (Sunndydale cheerleader style), prepared for hours on how exactly we would approach them so that they would both ask us who we were and then invite us in (which is when we would have drugged their drinks, waited until they passed out, and them stolen all pictures and contact information of David B.) As we approached the house in the mini-van of Erin's mother, we noticed some youngsters (we were the oldest people out by at least 5 years) walking away sullenly from the front door. GASP! As we, ourselves, approached their front steps, we noticed a cooler with a basket of king-sized goodies on top with a note that said, “Home owner is sick. Please take one. Thank you.” What are the chances?! This was our one chance to meet them and it was crushed by the influenza! It's sickening, really...

Well, there's always Christmas caroling!

Pictures of our Halloween extravaganza will be up shortly. I hope everyone had a funtastic Halloween!

The Not-So-Evil Trio