Thursday, March 09, 2006

production notice

Unfortunately due to conflicting schedules, the production of the 3rd episode has been pushed to next weekend. We are all pretty sad about it, but hopefully in the more time we have, we will be able to work on our notes to make it even better.

Sorry, and thanks for your support and patience!



an anonymous member of the shakespeare clubbe said...

this is quite depressing, as your podcasts are just about the funniest slash greatest things on itunes.
in case you were wondering.

Anonymous said...

today is saturday.. and i was just watching TVland.
and lo and behold! the show that was on: the 100 most unexpected moments on television.
#45 was some cher singing thing.. and i thought it was interesting because cher's bizarre.. so i didn't change the channel for a bit.
but the, ... number 44.. 2001: buffy the vampire slayer(!!!)
"once more, with feeling" made number 44 on TVland's 100 most unexpected moments on television!!!

and they interviewed marti noxon, the guy who plays sweet, and some arrogant-sounding tv executive type men.. but it was soooooo cool to see btvs on tvland~

*this public service announcement was not brought to you by slim shady*

Carley-Marie said...


I just found your podcast last week and decided to download the two episodes.

I found them really funny, and liked what you had to say about the first two seasons. I just started watching Buffy during Christmas break, but it was kind of messed because the first episode I saw was Chosen, so its weird to watch a show from its series finale backwards. So I bought season one and two on dvd, and one of my tv channels it playings season three eps. everyday, and I just love it.

And I know you don't just want posts saying how awesome you are so the only uneeded thing on your podcast is probably the trivia because if you're a nerd like me and listened to commentary and interviews its info thats already available and prob a lot of people already know.

Anyways keep up the great work and I'm glad we love and hate the same characters. I'll be waiting for the next episode!