Thursday, April 13, 2006

vote for us please!

Hey all. While we are sort of preparing for our next episode, we are also working on moving up in the ranks among our friendly yet sadly not as good competitors (i.e. we want to be more popular. And yes that last part was supposed to be a joke).

Anyway, we are listed on many of the major podcast listing things online. As you know. Already. With the exception of the iTunes Music Store, we lack in votes/reviews (i.e. have no votes/reviews at all) on other sites that offer those aforementioned dealios such as, etc.

So vote for us please! And submit reviews to other sites you see along the way. See a site we aren't listed on? Please comment here or email us about it and we'll submit our stuff right away. :D

Thanks for your support!


Anonymous said...

Hey there. Just listening to your first podcast. It's great to have a differant perspective on Buffy than the other all male podcasts. Will definately listen and vote and comment as much as I can :)

Might be interesting to know you're being listened to from Australia.

~Kat ^^

Spikebytes said...

I stumbled upon and noticed a horrible CRZ listing!!! Just wanted to give you guys a heads up on that one. :-)