Friday, January 05, 2007

a little advice...

OK, yeah, I know, I haven't fixed the layout yet for all of you....IE users. But hey, while you're waiting, how about you watch Veronica Mars. Seriously. One of the best things I've ever done in my life. I think Nan also agrees with me, and in due time, Ellie will too. It's truly an amazing show, and Buffy-esque, so if you haven't seen it yet, now is the time! Besides, if my glowing praise hasn't converted you already, maybe the fact that Alyson Hannigan, Charisma Carpenter, and, yes, Joss Whedon himself all have roles! Not to mention Joss Whedon loves the show as well.

...But I'm sure you all knew that.

Veronica Mars - Pilot
Part: [ 1 ] [ 2 ] [ 3 ] [ 4 ] [ 5 ]

No excuses! :3


nan said...

yay! i have officially sired both Erin and Ellie!

Gary said...

Eh, it's alright. I'd still prefer The O.C. to Veronica Mars. They had Paris Hilton. ;)

Benny said...

lol i love you all and all cult members are my friend.. BUT

im just gonna pretend i didnt hear that about the OC (or as i call it, oh please)

Benny said...

Heard it was canceled the other day. nearly cried little tears of joy

gary said...

Hey hey, now. haha. It was a good show, in it's genre. The music that it showcased gave Indie musicians a better chance to have the masses hear their stuff. Sure, some of the drama was a little over the top, but was still a good show nonetheless (imo).


Benny said...

XD ok ill totally agree with you - for about the first 5 episodes :D

then after that it has to be said...

still love you tho gary LDLD (but yes good music lol)

nan said...

now now boys. play nice.

SupComTabz said...

I'll watch Veronica Mars if you guys watch Firefly.... ;)

NeilBD said...

The OC is a no go for me too. VM is in a whole other league of greatness, not that its hard. 0:)

I was so hooked on Veronica Mars until it was randomly cut from programming. They ended it mid first season and it was gone for ages which really annoyed me.
They brought it back but I couldn't keep up to where they were at so I left it and haven't been able to get back into it since.
Will buy all the seasons when I can though and get back up to speed.

Also I just thought I should add..the OC has been cancelled! I'll resist a dance of joy for now...

Benny said...

Josh Schwartz is NO joss whedon.

WELCOME BACK NEIL!!! Ill dance with you!

SupComTabz said...

OC has been canceled! Amen.

NeilBD said...

*dances like theres no tomorrow*

Benny said...

lol ok well i feel a tad sad for gary coz i do love the man - just i really couldnt have CRZ turn into a little shine of worship for the OC. i just couldnt do it on my watch :D

but goes in and joins the dance anyway w00t!

SupComTabz said...

Have you guys seen the preview of Season 8 the comic book?! You have to.

Benny said...

yeah its so cool huh?
And the cover art for Issue2 came out yesterday and xander looks so damn cool with his eye patch :D

Benny said...

ive posted it over at for those who havent seen it :D
dont forget to comment :p we feel like losers otherwise :D

Doug said...

*Joins in on dance of joy for the cancellation of The O.C.*

As for Veronica Mars, I ordered the first season on DVD shortly before season three began, because a friend of mine talked me into it, and agreed that if I didn't LOVE it, she'd reimberse me for the cost. I watched the whole season in three days, despite having to deal with school at the same time, and ordered the second season minutes after finishing the first season finale. I sped through that season too, and have made sure to catch every episode so far in season three. Season one has actually been my favorite so far, for three reasons:
1) The higher amount of focus on the characters
2) The nature of the season mystery and its close relation to Veronica
3) The complexity of the intertwining plotlines

I think they've been trying to make these past two seasons, especially the third, really accesible to new viewers, but of course, the show's still great and so are the mysteries, so even if I like it a little less, I'm not gonna stop watching anytime soon.
Why can't networks just let brilliant people and their brilliant shows do whatever they want with them, regardless of ratings? *sigh*

Also, Firefly must be watched by all who have not yet. I mean really, how could anyone doubt the man who brought us Buffy? The dialogue is just as marvelous, the wide range of well-written and acted main characters garuntees you'll fall in love with at least one of them, and... I'll stop for now before I ramble so much that this turns into a five page essay.

I too am excited for the season 8 comics. And the cover art for the second issue is awesome =D

Erin said...

OK, so I finally got around to watching Battlestar Galactica (I'm all caught up now, just in time for next Sunday, w00t!), and OMFG. I fracking love this show. It rocks the man like no other. The characters are complex, the story is engaging and interesting, the acting is amazing; basically, it has all of the key elements a show needs and it works flawlessly. I went spoilerless, so there were times where I was on the edge of my seat. And there have been so many great moments. OMG. I will spare you a giant list.

And for the record, Adama and Roslin must get together immediately because I love them both immensely.


Starting Friday, TV is going to be smashing back! And I'm so excited.

Friday: Psych
Sunday: BSG
Monday: Heroes
Tuesday: Veronica Mars (no CI or SVU though, because of the State of the Union Address)
Wednesday: Bones

As for VMars, my favourite Season was probably Season 2 (the finale was SHOCKING. I literally gasped aloud alone in my room multiple times), but Season 1 comes in a close second. Season 3 is good, but I haven't decided yet if I like the mini-arcs as opposed to the bigger season-spanning ones.

And as for Firefly, I've seen 2 eps already, and Serenity obviously. It's definitely next on my list though. I have no doubts of its amazingocity. :3

And for the record, on the second season 8 cover, Xander is lookin' HOTT. :3

Erin said...

P.S. I have officially added the word "frack" and its various derivatives to my vocabulary. Just letting you know.

...At the beginning I was mildly surprised they got away with it.

Benny said...

Hey your now part of the 'Frack' club :P Me n Neil use it all the time, but now its being replaced by 'Frick' coz of the awesomeness that is Scrubs :P

paul colombo said...

Grr.. I hate being in college. It really makes it difficult to stay on top of my television shows.

I stopped watching VM back in November, because I became caught up incampus life and such, and then became afraid to watch any episodes because I missed two episodes. I'm waiting for it on DVD, despite being obsessed with this show since DAY ONE, and getting sooo many friends into it.

I watched the first episode of Heroes back in July (yay for illegal downloading) but then was completely unable to continue watching it, except for a couple on youtube.

The OC was good way back when (season one) but I haven't really watched it since due to lack of interest.

But, anyway, Veronica Mars Season 1 is a MUST SEE, especially for a Buffy fan.

Benny said...

Ok youve all convinced me im gonna go buy VM this week :D
Oh and welcome to the dance of joy, doug :D
Updates galore over at the trio's site... well only our photos, but still :P