Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Is anybody out there????

Hello, dwellers of the CRZ blog. On behalf of the Not-So-Evil-Trio, I would like to apologize for our extremely long absence. Recently it has felt like our school is located directly above the mouth of hell, and fighting off herds of bloodsucking demons (aka our teachers) has become our full time job. But, alas, that is no excuse (well, it is, it just sucks). Now many of you have asked when episode 7 is coming out, and i can honestly say that i, unfortunately, have no clue. Hopefully we'll be able to do it during our Thanksgiving break (fingers crossed), but don't hold your breath (we need you all to continue supporting us, so, needless to say, you dying is not in our best interests). Thank you so much for not abandoning us, and hopefully our angelic voices will be filling your worlds very soon!

Thanks again,

PS- for those of you who are looking for some new delightful shows and movies (well, new to me), i suggest the following:
Pushing Daisies (tv)
Wonderfalls (tv)
Soldier's Girl (movie)
The L Word (tv)
Freaks and Geeks (tv)- i think we can all relate...

that's all for now (you may notice a common denominator in the first 3...) if you watch any of the above email me OR mention it on the forum. I'm curious as to what you all think about them!


Miguel said...

here's hoping u guys come back soon

i need to find out how buffy ended!!

Michael said...

"new delightful shows" - what about Moonlight and Blood Ties? Shows about vampires and the girls who love them - how original.

nan said...

I tried to watch Moonlight, but i really hated it quite a bit. the girl bothers me, as does every other character, for that matter. Blood Ties i have no yet seen, but my history teacher who is a HUGE buffy fan said that its surprisingly good.

Michael said...

"surprisingly" good - haven't watched it myself - downloaded season 1 and I'll get around to it - maybe. surprisingly because it's Canadian - you have no idea the kind of muck we deal with up here because of Canadian content broadcast regulations.

Erin said...

I would also like to make clear my distaste for Moonlight known, and my lurve for Pushing Daisies broadcast! That show is so beyond amazing. Also I'd like to recommend Chuck as well. Definitely the second best new series this season.

michael said...

The last series I watched and enjoyed and looked forward to each week was Buffy - is that sad?

nan said...

no, that actually makes sense. pushing daisies is the first show that i have started from season 1 on tv that is actually worth tuning into each week.

Michael said...

Angel After the Fall - liked it. The Complete Peanuts, 1963-1964 - Linus is hilarious. Buffy, season 8, No Future for You - cool. At 41 years old I'm buying comics again and I've given up on TV. Now that's sad.

Benjamin said...

hello there!

remember me??


Lets all have a chat and reminice about old times, shall we??

How is school for you all?


michael said...

Buffy season 8 #9, not bad

Ellie said...

(OMG! FIRST BLOG POST IN AGES! I'm so self-proud right now.)

Benjamin, in response to the school question, I'm sure it's going brilliantly for everyone.
Except me.
Because instead of PODCASTING the eighth episode of CRZ this week, as I was scheduled to do, I am instead mired deep in the woes of college applications!!
Deferral stinks.
However, I don't want to raise false hopes, but we are definitely recording some time in the month of January, so get excited :)

michael said...

Merry Christmas, CRZ.

Benjamin said...

Cherry Missmas Everyone!
Ellie good luck with your college application!