Tuesday, January 31, 2006

CRZ Podcast Test

Hey again all! I'm just testing out a sample wav turned mp3 that I made just now to test the whole RSS dealio, as I'm rather unfamiliar with it.

Click here to download the mp3, if you wish. :3

Have a happy 19 seconds!


EDIT: Here is the RSS feed.

EDIT #2: mp3 link removed since it's pointless and there is a brand new feed. :3


Ellie said...

OMG! Big capital OMGs all around! You did it! You brilliant person, you! I'm so excited for Zima-fest 2006, this is going to be so...interesting.

I'll post my blurby thing, but first of all, I watched ParaKiss. It's good, but very strange. George's hair is too blue. Great animation though...weird flower transitions, but great otherwise.

Okay, here's my sidebar idea:

Ellie is the 2nd/3rd member of the Not-So-Evil-Trio. She has been obsessed with Buffy since late November, and has been totally, insanely crazed ever since. She loves seasons 5 and 7, with a healthy dose of Season 3 as well, despite a severe lack of Spike. She is Spike's lover, but she thinks Andrew is pretty awesome as well. Other interests include PS2 (FFX and BtVS!), playing electric guitar, music (rock, reggae, more rock), running track and x-country, and world domination. She's also super tall, which most people tell her to point out on all these stupid personality blurbs. But yeah, generally, world domination.

Erin said...

you are so NOT worthless!! And I tried making you two part of the blogger team earlier (like when I first made it) - you can have team members. So I'll figure that out. I just need for you to be there when I do it. Same with Nan, even though doesn't like blogs. Lol.

And since the blurb is part of the template, and I'm guessing I'm in charge of the template, I'll just put that in there real quick-like.

Thankies! <3


S said...

Sweet! Can't wait to listen to it.

Anonymous said...

hehe, I found you! its terms by the way. I hope u guys have fun with ur buffy thing.