Thursday, February 02, 2006

a few updates, and 29 hours and counting.

Hola again. I have a few updates for you today, and some exciting news~

Firstly, Ellie has been granted access to the posting, and Nan will be soon. Hopefully. So stay tuned for posts from the other members of the Not-So-Evil-Trio. Image hosting by Photobucket

For the blog, we may be posting some blog extras, such as NSET comics, production bloopers, and pictures of us. Also, I'll be making a real layout for the blog this weekend. I've been using premade templates since I really don't like many of blogger's. The first one didn't work in IE so I switched to this one. Anyways, the new layout should be nice, hopefully, and it will be put into effect as soon as it is completed, most likely shortly after the publication of the first episode.

Lastly, there are 29 hours and counting until the production of cool, refreshing zima commences! So get psyched, people! Image hosting by Photobucket



Ellie said...

I'm so stoked!! I've been watching featurettes, commentaries, reading up on my trivia & guide, and I love it! I feel like I have a Buffy purpose after all. The only major issue is my lack of sunglasses...I seem to have lost my favorite pair somewhere. The search continues, but I'm getting a desperate feeling about this particular...well, cuesta. Lol. I'm sorry I'll be coming so late, I hope it'll all work out. See you tomorrow,
<3 Ellie

Erin said...

No problemo. Nan and I will prepare/eat popcorn, and will probably also be FFX-ing it to the max.

But fear not! The trio wouldn't be a trio without you! I'm psyched for tomorrow though. d00d. 'Twill be amazing. I think. I hope.

mamanese said...

hi guys! even though i don't like buffy - don't kill me please - i still wanted to stop by and say hey...i'll tell everyone on xanga, etc. about your exciting new podcast thingy!!!!!!!

ok bye!!