Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Chat with us (on AIM)!

Hey all! What I'm about to explain will probably seem really confusing, as it's hard to describe. And my brain isn't working. But whatever.

We've (sort of) decided to do this scheduled chat thing where we sign on AIM at a certain time, set up a little chat room dealio, and you guys are all on, and you can ask us questions, or we can just chat. It's going to be on the day we record episode 4 (tentatively scheduled for next Tuesday). We'll announce the time later, as I have to talk with my fellow podcastingmates. Anyway, since it's going to be on the day we record episode 4, who knows? Maybe a question you ask or topic you bring up will end up on the podcast? :O You never know...

In any case, get psyched. And tell your Buffy-loving friends to join us, as it'd be pretty mortifying to sign on and have no one be there, lol!

And by the way, our AIM screen name is NotSoEvilTrio. We (or one of us) may be on at random times (not just the scheduled chat), so keep a look out, eh? :3

EDIT 05/31: By the way, there is a new poll! So go vote, OK?


spikebytes said...

Looking forward to the next podcast! Hope you guys are enjoying the start to the freedom that is "summer."

nan said...

oh my god, its so nice to be FREE!!! so i think its official that our next podcast is this tuesday-which means wednesday/thursday for you guys.