Friday, May 26, 2006

Common Rotation: The Big Payback.

Hello, all, this is the long-awaited post from your humble slave to the Zima, Trio Member #2 or 3, Ellie! I am writing to give a little outside perspective to Buffy actors, namely the incredibly talented and incredibly attractive Adam Busch. As you know, because you are all faithful and avid Buffy obsessors, Adam has been in the folk-rock (if that describes it) band Common Rotation for about 10 years now.

Common Rotation is comprised of Adam Busch (lead vocals, harmonica, accordion, xylophone...more on this later), Eric Kufs (singer-songwriter, guitarist), and Jordan Katz (trumpeteer, guitarist, and wicked banjo player). They recently toured the USA and the UK by visiting fans' living rooms and playing there. This "Living Room Tour" has been captured on film by Peter Stass, and will be coming out as the documentary "Close to Home" soon. (see later) Their music centers around such themes as social revolution, religion, the government, love, loneliness, taxes, and ice cream. And I'm not joking here. This is truly a great band.

Anyway, all three of the Trio members are immersed in some level of Common Rotation love. I happened to be lucky enough (and obnoxious enough to push the issue a little far) to go to one of Common Rotation's concert. It was actually the first concert of their new tour, the recently-nicknamed "Exxon/Mobil Running on Empty" CoRo spring-thru-fall tour that has been stirring up controversy and fangirl nonsense throughout the coasts of America.

The event took place in the World Cafe Live in Philadelphia......Mississippi....on May 17th, and I live to tell the exciting tale. Well, I won't ramble about it for too much longer before sharing my fabulous pictures, but I would like to say that the band was unbelievable. For three guys who were "pretending we havent just woken up in the van half an hour ago", I was blown away. There were about 12 people there, and I was sitting at a table right next to the stage, so as to properly freak out Adam by staring at him for 2 hours straight. After a bit of Eric Kufs wandering around at the bar and me salivating, the set began with their anti-corporate acoustic number "Clear Channel", in which Adam played a fabulous accordion. Such an underrated instrument. They then performed their satirical anti-anthem, "Indie Rocking", during which Adam kept everyone (or at least me) cracking up. He enjoys backing up about 10 feet from the microphone and then pouncing on it, by the way, which is an awesome thing to witness. Also, in between phrases he would shout things like, "That's a strong accusation, I'd better back it up with something really melodious!". At the chorus he yelled, "Choreography!" and all three members began to hop in unison.

Truly genius.

Then, as Eric tuned the guitar, Adam asked for any requests. Some stupid people shouted out "Fortunate" and "Oklahoma". And then me, being also a stupid person, shouted "Complex", and Eric actually considered that one before saying..."Mmmmmm....hmmmmnnnn....nnno." Eric is an odd man. He's very tan, too, as you will see later. But damn, can he play guitar! Color me impressed.

The rest of the set was out of this world, including numbers such as "Gone Dyin", "True Hollywood Romance", "Afterthoughts", a xylolphonic "Before It Takes", "Everything Under the Sun", an "Offstage Lines" that had the most rocking trumpet solo I've ever witnessed in my existence, "92 Mikes", "How to Lose", a "Given Signs" that literally brought tears to my eyes, "Satan is Real/Satan No", "Union Dues", "Belfast" (of course, I sang, which was awesome - audience participation is a grand thing), great new number "Smile And the Whole World Leaves With You", and a bittersweet closing with "Pawn". [Sorry, I'm doing this from memory...too bad there was no setlist to steal.]

After the set I rushed the table to buy my proud CoRo merchandise from Jordan Katz, who is pretty much an awesome man. I picked up a "Union Maid" shirt and the new Common Rotation song/tablature book (BUY IT TODAY!!) chatted with him about crew and whatnot as he waited for someone to bring me my change. I asked him about the documentary, and he said, "Ask Adam!". And in a few moments Adam Busch meandered over, pulling out a wad of money to pay me back with! Which was very exciting, as this meant that I now owned a five-dollar bill which had once belonged to Adam himself. And as I'm standing there awkwardly, clutching my new possessions and staring at Adam, Jory's like, ask about the documentary! So I say, "Oh, yeah, when's the documentary coming out?!". Adam sort of grinned and said, "'s in editing...soon!". (I thought he said "June", so I was like "June! Yes!" and then Jordan made fun of me.) Then I nudged Jordan - for some reason I'm not as starstruck and terrified of him as I am of Adam and Eric - and asked for a picture. So we all stood there, and I almost got to be next to Adam, but then Eric was all like, yeah, I'll come in the picture in between Ellie and Adam! Damn you...oh well, I love Eric. And then I wrapped my arm around Eric - who is rather muscular - and grinned my silly face off, and I was immortalized as the silly fan girl between Jordan and Eric in what has become my favorite picture of all time.

Anyway, after congratulating them on kicking ass, I departed with a little dance that would have been embarassing if I wasn't simply floating on Cloud 9000000. And there ends the tale of May 17th, the day I met Common Rotation. Of course, they messaged me on MySpace later, which is also totally neat, but they're just splendid people like that.

And here we have pictures! I know you're excited. If you haven't fallen asleep by now.

Adam and Eric performing their first song, "Clear Channel":

Adam and Accordion...a beautiful sight to behold:

Adam indie rockin' with the blurriness of the cam:

Adam Busch and Eric Kufs, ladies and gentlemen:

Common Rotation:

Eric wondering why the hell my flash is on, and Adam happily oblivious on his harmonica:


"Nowadays xylophones are so high-tech...they just don't make xylophones like they used to..." - Adam

The tablature/song book, which you can purchase here

And the picture you've all been waiting for: Jordan Katz, me, Eric Kufs, and Adam Busch:

Yes, I look really shiny, and pale, and generally strange-looking, but you'll just have to accept that and admire the greatness of the guys.

So that concludes my rave about Common Rotation. If you're interested, because you're a hardcore folk opportunist, you want to commiserate about gas prices and Eminem, or you just love Adam Busch from Buffy, you should visit the website here and see what the band is about. They're returning to the World Cafe Live this Thursday, June 1st, and I encourage everyone to try and make an appearance, unless you live in Germany, as most of our fans seem to be doing nowadays. Common Rotation is worth it. They're smart, they're funny, they make great music, and they want your support. Really, people, Common Rotation may just change your life.

And if not, you're lame.

Thanks for listening, and stay tuned for more updates about when the Not-So-Evil Trio of Slackers will return for Episode 4 of Cool Refreshing Zima. First we have to all fail our exams! Then, back to the real priorities, like rocking the world of podcasting and dominating the world.

Lots of love,


spikebytes said...

I nominate May 17th to be the first official CRZ holiday!

That's awesome Ellie! How ever will you be able to concentrate on your studying/exams after that?

Ellie said...

Oh, I am in complete agreement. Also, Nan and Erin have met Mr. Trick, so the Trio and the Buffy cast are pretty much family now...or so we would love to believe.

Anyway, thanks for the feedback and encouragement. We're definitely going to add songs that have been played on Buffy to the next podcast episodes. And of course, I'm never going to focus on anything academic anymore, because my picture of me and CoRo just distracts me every time I sit down. But it's a sacrifice I'm willing to make. =)

Erin said...


Yeah, Nan and I are so beyond jealous. And I'm the only one who hasn't met a famous Buffy person. ;______;

But hey, I'm all for a holiday. Do we get some sort of trademark foodly good, or anthem?

mamanese said...


just showing some love. even though i don't actually watch buffy. but i love all three of you.

this is emmie, by the way.


spikebytes said...

Ellie - Keep working on that "family with the Buffy cast" thing! Sounds like a great goal to me (and much more fun than studying/exams/work/etc!)

Erin - I haven't met any famous people either. *sigh* I guess I'll have to live vicariously through you guys!

Nan - Come out and join the fun! Errr....when you're done studying of course.

Buffyverse mettings - Maybe you can do follow-up episodes to CRZ as you all meet new people from the Buffyverse! That way the show could continue for...well, who knows!

Proposed holiday ideas - I think the proposed holiday needs....something. First off, a name would be good. And then I certainly think a trademark snack and anthem should be developed as well. Perhaps Ellie could come up with a colorscheme for decorating purposes (favorites of the band, colors which were prevelant at the event, or add in her own favorites.) Of course, once we have a name, date, and some holiday observers we pretty much have a holiday. The rest is just an added bonus!

Ellie said...

Sorry Ern! I totally thought you'd met Trick! [Please excuse my blatant lie there, gentle readers, Erin has not met Trick]. And when did Mama come back to blogger? This is tres exciting.

About having the Trio stalk the members of the cast, I am totally in favor. Erin can tackle Boreanaz, since she knows his locale intimately...well, that sounded somewhat awkward. But yes, I would definitely love to devote my time to stalking the Buffy fam. If only there was monetary compensation involved, I would set it up as a full-time career.

And I am all for the creation of the CoRo holiday. There could be parades with Adam Busch floats, and possibly those funny baton twirling peoples. Although the real CRZ holiday will be the day that someone on the street recognizes me, Nan, or Erin for being a member of the CRZ clan. I can just imagine - "you look different when you're not wearing a lab coat!". Fabulous.

Holly said...

One of my teachers (who kinda looks like Johnathan) went to school with Adam Busch but I didn't see any Adams in his phonebook when I "borrowed" his cell phone.

nan said...

howdy. sorry, spikebytes-i thought we might be looked down upon if we commented on our own blog, but i guess i was wrong! huzza!
yeah, i totally agree that we should all hunt down buffy people, but i think erin has first dibs. then again, she did live next to him and never EVER sneak into his window late at night and watch him sleep...i dont care if she was 1-its Angel, for gods sake!

Erin said...

ololol! Buffy wasn't even INVENTED when I lived near him. x_X

Holy crapo, this post is so comment-ful. How funtacular! :D