Thursday, September 21, 2006

coming soon (hopefully): new layout.

I've been working on my design skills over the past couple of months, and suffice to say, I have improved greatly since I made this crap layout. I'm in the middle of designing a brand new one. I had one fleshed out and almost ready to go...but then I realized I really hated it, so I'm starting over.

Here's a taste of what's to come (this weekend maybe??):

So keep your eyes peeled.

And as for Episode 6? Well, Ellie, Nan and I have been so busy with school, it's not even funny. So...we're thinking sometime later on in October. Maybe a special Halloween release? A Halloween Photoshoot (because we're that bored)? TRICK OR TREATING AT DAVID B'S?! There is a ton in store, so stay tuned. :D

Thanks for your support!


Benny said...

I peeled my eyes, but now I cant see... and theres blood... maybe i should go to the hospital?

Shame I wont be able to see the soooper-cool new layout. Ill have to invest in a brail screen....:P

Ok , i know that was a terrible joke. (in the name of the moon, ill punish myself!) [god nobodys gonna get that but erin!]

nan said...

ok, we are in need of a new photo-shoot STAT!

and yeah, benny, i havent got a clue. sorry! :)

Ellie said...

um, could i point out that i look borderline psychotic in the new layout?

i dont know if im photo-shoot reconsidering the spandex idea at this point ^_^ and i have an XC race that day - why do i always have athletic shindigs on photo shoot days?!?! it's cruel and unusual.

and i totally got the sailor moon reference! although im not sure if i want to be advertising that fact......

Erin said...

ERM...who was talking about spandex? Dude, my limit is capes, and that's it.

But yeah, I haven't started the main layout yet...I kinda had a busy day today. But you don't look psychotic!!

lijewi said...

Oooh... I'm excited... But what am I going to listen to until October? *goes off to pout in a corner*

Benny said...

Bumpety Bump!
Oh wait this isnt a forum... but still... too long with no comments for my liking :D