Monday, November 13, 2006

Common Rotation and the day that will live in FAMY~

So as you all know (or most of ye), Ellie, Nan along with our comrade Kat went to the Common Rotation Concert at World Cafe Live in Philly D last Friday. Suffice to say it was quite possibly the coolest day EVAR. The concert was so amazing - honestly, their CDs and mp3s cannot even begin to compare with how they sound live. The difference is staggering, so if you've given them a listen and like what you hear, go to one of their concerts because you will be blown away.

Anyway, after the amazingness, we all went down and bought tons o' merchandise from our pal Jordan. We then were able to snag a pic with the band and we left briefly because it was uber crowded and we were kind of in everyone else's way. We decided to delve back in, however, because we didn't want to end on a saddish note (Adam was a bit distant). We went back in armed with out made I ♥ CRZ sign. I approached Adam and said something along the lines of, "This is going to sound really geeky, but my friends and I have this podcast and we would really appreciate it if you could sign this piece of paper for us." Adam then took the sign. Nan was like, "It's a Buffy podcast." Adam then said, "What does CRZ stand for?" Ellie said, of course, "Cool, refreshing zima." I'm unsure if he got the reference - I mean, he was of course in that episode, but you never know how much these people actually remember about what they're in since they're not all obsessive about it like we are. ANYWAY...he signed it "AAAAAAAAH!" And then he put "-> that's for refreshment", and signed it. I was completely SHOCKED because as you know we say "Ahh" in our little intro thing, so it was very coincidental/ironic/A SIGN!? He was uber nice about it, and after me saying thank you like a BAJILLION times (looking like an idiot, of course, I was like shaking my ass off), we left. I was like, "Come back to Philly!" We ran away, and Ellie, as we left, screamed SO LOUD, it was hilar. Anyway, we'll probably tell this story again in our next podcast, but I thought you all should know.

Ellie, Nan, feel free to elaborate on this post if you so desire. And oh! Piccys!

The Not-So Evil-Trio and Common Rotation

Enjoy! (there are more to come, later...)

I'll update again once I know more news about when the next podcast is. Due to upcoming weeks of the tech variety, time is going to be slim - at least for Nan and me, since we're very involved in our school's production of Into the Woods. But hopefully we'll be able to find time soon, because I really want to chat about Season 6, as I haven't had a good Buffy chat in a long time.

Oh, and to those people out there who are like "ZOMG LIEK ANGEL IS SO MUCH BETTER THAN BUFFY": you're whack! :O

Peace out~


AthenaMuze said...

Do you have roles in Into the Woods? Great great musical, I sit here in envy. I always wanted to play the witch. Also... I don't know you ladies realize how popular you really are. There are several Buffy casts out there and almost all of them have mentioned you.

Benny said...

Into the woods and dont delay, but careful not to lose the way!

My fav musical of all time. My brother directed it at communtiy theatre level. And played the kings steward, prolly the smallest part in the damn thing. I met Chip Zion once, who played the baker in the original broadway prod. Really nice guy.

Glad u girls had fun ! And IM NOT WHACK! but i do beleive there is a small girl/boy divide between liking buffy and angel more, from my expereince. Girls can relate to buffy more than guys can, and guys can relate to angel more than girls can (the characters, that is, not the show.) I do hope you have finished all the way to the end before making such comments erin :P

(Your father Cried, your mother died! When for extra measure i admit it was a pleasure, i said- 'sorry im still not mollified" And i laid a little spell on them! You too son! Phlegh)

Neil said...

Buffy and Angel are my children..that I didnt actually raise so technically theyre not but I love them anyway. Adopted children then. I cant decide which is better, its immpossible. They both perfect for different reasons.

Oh I know I'll sound random, but the sign you made looks seriously cool, lol
Glad fun was to be had!
Haraaaah for you three!

Benny said...

Ok so ive crawled out of my current Fleetwood Mac (and everything Stevie Nicks) haze ive been living under recently and spend a good amount of times listning to every song of Common Rotation i can get my hands on and I have to say they are actually really brilliant. Thanks girls for getting me hooked. And Nan i have that jacket you are wearing in that photo lol, and all you girls look really pretty in it.

Neil and Harry you guys are champions by the way - the forum is a darker place now that hazza cant log on at school. Oh and since weve started talking on msn everyday theres alot less posts here! Shame on us! :p

N welcome athenamuze to the CRZ cult. Wait till christmas and the Aussie Trio Podcast will add to the list of podcasts mentioning the N-S-E-T.

alyrenee said...

What a great pic! That's awesome you got to see Common Rotation! I saw them during one of their 'living room' tours in 2004. It ruled the school and they were so very nice. I did not get a picture sadly...

nan said...

welcome athenamuze!

alyrenee: you saw them at a livingroom tour?! i'd kill to go to one of those. i was comtimplating sending them a picture of my living room, but i never got around to it...

Benny: Thank you for the compliment, but i assure you that that picture is one of the worst pictures we have ever taken. i look absolutely terrified (which i was)!

I would also like to take the time to separate myself (and Ellie) from our fellow Trio member Erin- -i really love Angel! im in the middle of 4th season, and i have a hard time turning it off. David B is incredible at playing Angelus!

Erin said...

Hey don't get me wrong - I HEART David B (as you know - and just for the record Bones is awesometacular and I urge you all to watch if you haven't seen it), but I just feel like Angel is filled with too much cheese. There have been some really awesome parts in it (i.e. whenever Faith is there, and some other parts that I can't think of at the moment). Also, I'm on season 5 now and I'm really enjoying it. Honestly it's like a breath of fresh air; I really like. it. Sooo...things may change. But there is so much stuff I didn't like in the past that just cannot, sadly, be rectified. But I suppose we'll all go more in depth about Angel when we get around to doing Angel podcasts. (Hopefully?)

And athenamuze: We're really popular? I had no idea. I mean, I know we have some cool cultish fans, but I never really considered us to be "popular" per se. Interesting...*ponders*

Oh, and we're not in Into the Woods. Nan and I are tech crew. w00t!

Neil said...

Season 5 is utter brilliance. I had a sad fest listening to some music from the season. I miss the shows...

Doug said...

That's so awesome that he signed that! I wish they'd come to my town. Have a great day =)

Ellie said...

I'm with Benny on this one, I think Buffy is more for the ladies and Angel for the men. You can sorta see it in terms of lead characters, because by Season 6 Buffy only had a few men left in it ^_^ But I love Angel, I think it's got an AMAZING supporting cast (lindsey, wesley, and darla, mostly, since im in season 2), and some interesting plot's not Buffy, but it's quite good.

Also, if anyone was wondering why Im making that extremely twisted and unhappy facial expression in the CRZ CoRo picture, it's because the FLASH didnt work, and we had to take it TWICE, so my smile started fading just as the picture took.......I felt like explaining that so no one thought I was grimacing or anything.

And alyrenee ~ where was the living room tour!?! apparently they're still doing them, and I really wish I could go to one!!! they sound amazering. Maybe I should invite them to come to my living room....

Benny said...

Also i gotta say in an ideal world you would watch buffy one night on tv (monday nights here) then the next night angel was on. They went hand in hand, and were all part of the same thing. Week after week , especially in season 7 buffy, season 4 angel, i was MORE looking forward to the angel each week than the buffy. Week to week the cliffhangers on angel held more anticipation than the buffy. Its strange to think what it would have been like if, like you girls, i had watch each show independently.

Also its strange that i didnt watch firefly till years after buffy and angel - but season 5 angel was made after firely had been canceled.

N wOOt thanks ellie hope u liked the concert. And i think you, as did erin AND NAN, looked VERY pretty in the photo!!!

AthenaMuze said...

Thanks for the welcome all but...
I'm not actually new here, I'm just a sporadic poster... I did it under a different name earlier (I'm the gal who suggested paypal).

Gals, I did a lot of tech back in the day too, I was usually on spots. Sometimes stage manager, always set construction. But when it was musicals, it was hard for me to stay away (I sing a lot). :)

Benny, I agree about the BtVs/Ats thing, Ats usually had way more combat. Also JM and DB say something just like that in this interview: (it's about 2:57 in)

Benny said...

Can you say, C-O-F-F-E-E? lol. But a great interview. Thanks for that.
And yeah totally agree. But it also has to be said that apart from the action, there is the whole undercurrent of like, 'redemption from evil and violence' and so on that i guess could be more likely to find resonance in men running through angel, and 'enpowerment' and so on for women that women can relate to more in buffy. Thats simplifing it a bit but yeah - (also i seem to realte to Wes :( ...alot.)

nan said...

This is a really random comment, but for everyone who reads Fushigi Yugi, doesnt Lourne (sp?) remind you of Chiriri?

Anyway, i agree with everyone about the Angel/BTVS thing. yet another example is the love story things. although there are a few love triangles, they are not nearly as angsty as Buffy.

Harry said...

Hey guys!!! sozes everyone for not commenting!! and i no i am the life of the blogspot (i wish!!!)
as i havnt seen all of angel i cant comment but i would like to say that they are both my children!!
there both amazing!
im so excited for u guys but havnt been able to download anything yet as of yet, but i have tried!!
love all of u guys!!
me and neils friend harry a says hi!

Anonymous said...

Hey Harrys back!

Ive been working hard over the last few days setting up (ok i lie - i worked for about 20 mins!)

But everyone go check it out. (the bare bones of a wanna-be-website that is :P)

Neil said...

Omg Benny! I had no idea about working on the blogspot! Its so cool! Very good start indeed! :D
Thanks many from Harry and I both (he's here as well!)

Neil & Harry said...

Make sure you all check it out!

spikebytes said...

Ok, so I was driving to work Friday and I saw someone have a license plate that was "*** CRZ" (the *s are to protect this stranger's identity) and it made me think of you guys!!! Just thought you might find it interesting. :-)

Hope everyone is doing well...NSET and fans also!

Aussie Trio (AT): Anxious to see what you guys come up with for your cast. :-) Any thoughts on what it will be about? The blog is looking great, Benny! Keep up the good work and hope to "hear" from you guys soon!

Benny said...

Lol well - i have an idea that we should do a sort of 'trial run' podcast and do it on Firefly. But as I say its prolly still a while off yet. In the christmas hols no doubt.

ian said...

Hi guys,

Its my first post and i feel like a complete noob so forgive me :)

Just wanted to say that Im a fan from England (just north from where they make Gileses), and a big thank you to the Trio for revitalising my interest in BTVS and Angel. Altho I gotta confess that I've only just download ur ep5 and i still havnt seen the last season of Angel. Ill buy it soon im sure! Oh and my fav Angels eps are Parting Gifts, Somnambulist (which Ive just found out is easier to say than type) and Expecting. Mainly due to Wesley because hes too funny in those eps.

Also about the girl / boy divide thing, I was in college while B season 4 / 5 was being aired in the UK and I could totally relate with Buffys character since college was hard and I was working aswell. Then I bought season 1 on DVD and watched it pretty much all nite so that didnt help.

Anyways, Hi and sorry for the rant-a-thon.

spikebytes said...

Hey there, Ian! Welcome to the fun and wacky world of CRZ! We (or at least "I") love it when people rant and get all "communicative." hehe It's always nice meeting more Btvs and Angel fans!

Benny - I think Firefly would make a great podcast! Keep us updated. :-)

alyrenee said...

Re: Questions about Common Rotation Living Room Tour...I saw them in the scenic confines of Bloomingdale, IL...a suburb of Chicago. They were great and not to be missed if you can get in on one of these shows.

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