Sunday, November 19, 2006


I don't know how many of you already watch the amazing show Bones, but if you don't, the week after next's episode is probably a great time to start. Why? Because not only is David Boreanaz the shit, but DAVID DUCHOVNY (a.k.a. Mulder from The X-Files) directed it. And it's looking extremely promising. Besides, what can be better than my two Davids?


alyrenee said...

We can only hope that dire circumstances will force them to both remove their shirts and tussle. Sigh.

ian said...

Eww, imagery! Are u mad! Now Im thinking of Angel & Wes dancing ?!..must think of Willow & Tara.. must!

I havnt seen any of Bones yet. Time to find some torrents. (see how i try to change the subject quick!)

phlebotnum said...

Okay, I'm ashamed to say that I haven't been by since July, but I finally had a chance to listen to your latest episode of CRZ. Excellent job, ladies, as always.

Ah, the man tussle. No power in the 'verse can stop the Whedonverse slash fic (and that's how it should be).

Anonymous said...

*runs in a circle and high five's all the new people*

nan said...

hey! this is completely unrelated, but has anyone seen Tom Lenk in the new Wendy's commercials?!?!? i freaked out when i saw him, but unfortunately i was surrounded by people who had no idea what i was talking about-a bit of a buzz kill.

also, i just finished Angel like an hour ago, and although i cannot say anything in particular, i CAN say that i absolutely loved it, and am missing it already.i am also regretting lending my first season to Kat (the CoRo photographer) because more than anything i was to watch "i will remember you"...
ok, thats all.
i hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!(that is, if you celebrate it)

Anonymous said...

Hay Nan! Hows things?
Isnt Angel Great :D The Final ep still makes me cry :(
and just in general the last 5 eps are just awesome, the wes/illyria scenes are some of the best in the show. Oh and How about Time Bomb end of act 3?? :D
Glad youve got a little bit more appreciation that that silly erin :P (nah i still love)
Oh and im still waiting for the N-S-E-T to leave a comment over on . Dont leave me hangin! (oh and no - theres no thanksgiving down here :P coz we had no pilgrims or native amerians or turkeys.... :P)

Erin said...

I must say, the final season of Angel was incredibly refreshing, and I found the series finale of Angel to be, I daresay, better than the finale of Buffy.

Having said that, I feel that Buffy is superior to Angel as a whole. Hands down.


And Nan, I hope that now that you've finished Angel you will watch some awesometacular X-Files! :3

nan said...

Erin- please do not EVER mention your views about 7th season on Buffy to me EVER again. ok? :)

at the moment i am mourninf Angel, and watching Paradise Kiss (and absolutely loving it!)
i also finished Fushigi Yugi-ill bring it in on monday-its AMAZING! everyone should read it!

Erin said...

Mwah, I can't believe I've converted you to anime/manga. ^^;

And yeah, Paradise Kiss rocks the man. If you like that, you'd probably like NANA too (it's a manga/anime/live action movie). You can watch episodes of it on youtube, or you can download them in real format on

And I DO, contrary to what seems to be popular belief, like Buffy Season 7. It's just not as good as some of the other seasons. GEEZ!!


...and remind me why we're conversing over our blog?

Anonymous said...

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