Sunday, November 26, 2006

the secret's out~

Okay, this has nothing to do with anything Whedon-y whatsoever, but I'm posting this on here anyway because
a) I feel like it
b) some of you may appreciate it
c) I CAN >:3

As some of you know, I'm really into Japanese pop music. Ayumi Hamasaki's (you may know her from Inu-Yasha...she did one of the theme songs "Dearest." Anyway, she's my favourite J-Pop artist.) new album "Secret" was leaked recently and I've uploaded it for you guys to download.

artist: 浜崎あゆみ (Ayumi Hamasaki)
language: Japanese
file size: 86.1 MB
[ download ] [ buy ]

Enjoy! And comment ~ I'd like to know what you guys think. :3


Anonymous said...

Besides being the definition of FIIIIIIINE.... she also has such a beautiful voice...
Its downloading now - Ill let you know what i think :D

Erin said...

LOLZ. But yeah, Ayu rocks in a multitude of ways - though, admittedly she is an acquired taste for some. :P

Anonymous said...

I have all the time in the world for all things japanese, coz, well... thats where all the *cool* comes from! Oh n thanx for your comment on my site erin (and nan!)

Anonymous said...

Im more of a Utada Hikaru fan, but still, not too bad.

gary said...

^ Twas me. Damn blog thing. -_-;;

Erin said...

I like Hikki too, but I'm more of an Ayu person myself. Although Hikki's more recent stuff (like...everything on Ultra Blue) is, in my opinion, a lot better than her past stuff. I like her ballads/new age popish stuff better than the hip hop, basically. :3 Too bad EXODUS sucked (for the most part). I was really hoping a J-Pop star could breach the American market.

Gary said...

See, I have to disagree there. I thought that Exodus was an axcellent try at American music for her. Sure, it didnt do well, but not many out here like that kind of music.

Yes, Ultra Blue is friggen sweet. Cant forget about the 'classics', i.e. Final Distance, First Love, etc. Oh, and Blow My Whistle feat. Foxy Brown. Loves it.

Erin said...

Yeah, the classics are good - I liked the album DEEP RIVER, too.

The only songs I liked on EXODUS, however, were "Exodus '04," "Hotel Lobby," "Devil Inside", and "Easy Breezy". "Animato" and "You Make Me Want to Be a Man" were OK. But WTF was with "The Workout"?! I wanted to puke. x_X

Have you heard "Boku wa Kuma" yet?

Gary said...

Omg, Hotel Lobby was stuck in meh head for like, weeks. I went on a business trip to Kentucky for a truck show, and while there, I, of coarse, stayed in a hotel. That song was the most played on my iPod for the duration of the trip.

When I first heard 'You Make Me Want To Be A Man', I was like 'WTF is she talking about?!', and originally I didnt like it. After I listened to it a while after I got the cd, it grew on me. There really arent any songs on that album that I could say that I dislike. (Yes, I love 'The Workout'. ) You just have to understand that Timbaland was the one producing it, and wanted to give her a hip-hop feel, and I thought that he did well on that song. Its sexxxy.

I havent gotten the chance to listen to Boku wa Kuma, but since you mentioned it, Im going to go and download it right now. Haha. So many albums have come out in the past month alone that my cd player and iTunes have not had the chance to get me anything 'foreign'. Will listen to asap, though. Any good?

Erin said...

Yeah, Hotel Lobby is one of my all time favourite Hikki songs.

Boku wa Kuma is cute, but it's a little repetitive and...short. (And there's no B-side!) Not up to par with some of her recent stuff, but still pretty good. Not so sure about the lyrics though XD. They're weird - but really simple so I can understand most of the song.

"I am a bear, bear, bear, bear
I'm not a car, you know.
Bear, bear, bear.
I can't walk but I can fall behind
I can't talk but I can sing
I am a bear, bear, bear, bear"

For example. XD Then there is random french in it. o.O;

But it's cute. ^^;

Gary said...

Well, last night after I posted my last message on here, I went and downloaded Boku wa Kuma, and I'd have to say that I was a little let down. The whole feel of the song just wasnt how I felt it should have been, mainly, imo, because it was all over the place. She could have done so much better. ;_;

And how can you discuss her without mentioning her latest American single, Sanctuary? Omfg, truly amazing. Whenever I hear it, it reminds me of the greatness that is Kingdom Hearts 2, not to mention some fabulous AMV's I have watched over my course. I prefer the Japanese version, Passion, to the American Sanctuary, though. However, it is hard for me to choose between it and it's predecessor, Hikari, as to which is better. What do you think?

Btw, what anime are you into?

Erin said...

I really liked Sanctuary/Passion a LOT. The PV rocked too. I dunno which one I like more, honestly, although I prefer the techno version of Hikari/Simple and Clean than the original. Nevertheless, Hikki rocks at this new age thing she had going on in Sanctuary/Passion. And that backwords stuff was cool too.

Interestingly, she wrote the lyrics for Sanctuary before Passion - it's usually the other way around (Japanese before English).

As for anime/manga...hmmm...I'm not as into it now as I have been. I'm by no means an "otaku" as they say, but I'm enjoy quality anime. :3

I'm into more shojo stuff like NANA, ParaKiss, Rayearth, Sailormoon (nostalgia!). Also Full Moon wo Sagashite was pretty good, Kokoro Toshokan...Fushigi Yuugi...MARS. And of course, who could forget anything by Miyazaki - especially Sen to Chihiro and Mononoke-hime. I'm probably forgetting a ton, but whatever. XD

What about you?

nan said... ellie, what's goin on?

gary said...

Omg, the PV was killer! It's actually on my iPod. Haha.

The techno mix of Simple & Clean was hot, but I still prefer the original, slower version more. I watched the PV for it a good while back, where all she is doing is washing the dishes. I was like 'Uh, I dont get it...'. Haha. Still, gotta love her. Fav video from her would def be between First Love, Easy Breezy, and Keep Tryin'. She was too cute in Keep Tryin'. <3

As for my anime tastes, I have yet to find one that has captivated me moreso than my beloved .hack//SIGN. They have expanded that franchise so much within the past few years alone, with the games on the PS2, the manga, the books, etc. (I actually just took a break from playing .hack//G.U. like, five minutes ago.) Also a big fan of Kenshin, Wolf's Rain, and stuff like that. Not too many people from around here are into this sort of thing, so, it sucks. Haha. Nice to know Im not the only one. XD

Hi Nan. ^_^_S

Erin said...

Admittedly I haven't seen as many Hikki PVs as Ayu PVs, but one of the Hikki ones that I really liked was COLORS. I also really liked DEEP RIVER. :3

I heard Wolf's Rain was good - I haven't gotten around to seeing a lot of the stuff on my "list" though. I have some of the songs from the soundtrack, however, and I love them. I'm a big Yoko Kanno/Maaya Sakamoto fan.

Gary, where do you hail from again?

Gary said...

You should definitely check out .hack//SIGN. Soooo good. Like, chocolate good.

I'm only a stone's throw from you all. Well, okay, not exactly that close, but still, not too far away. I come from the big city of Morgantown, West Virginia. WVU Mountaineers baby. w00t! <3

Anonymous said...

Hey Gary I LOVE .hack//SIGN

its on cartoon network down here. i havent got around to the other .hack stuff - do you recommend them?

spikebytes said...

*passes the Bon-Bons to Nan and smiles knowingly*

Gary said...

Thus far, SIGN is the best of the .hack// anime. There was another one called //Legend of the Twilight, which takes place seven months after the video games, but I found it to be too cartoonish for my tastes. The latest one out, which we just got up here, is //Roots, and it's pretty kick ass so far. It happens right before the new game (.hack//G.U.), so it gives you the back story of what happened to the main character. I would highly reccomend watching it. (And SIGN's soundtracks. Kick ass music.)

Also, if you have a PS2, definitely consider getting the games. They're God. haha.

nan said...

keep 'em comin, Spikebytes...

Gary said...

Looks like someone is feeling left out. ;)

Erin said...

Yeah, in more ways than one. *pokes Nan*

Nanny I hope you're feeling better! Sucks that you caught Alyna's deadly disease. I also hope that you don't give that contagen to me as I've heard it's not very pleasant.

Have you at least watched lots o' televison? :3 *coughxfilesbiatch!cough*

nan said...

i watched 2 episodes of Xfiles! arent you proud? the rest of the day was filled with sleep, wondering around, and lots-o-Christian Bale (American Psyco interviews and The Machinist). I'd say it was the best sick day of my life!

Anonymous said...

Hey I dont know how your got through 9 seasons so quickly erin, but im trying to get in an episode each night before i go to sleep... and im just getting to the end of season 5 now. Just got to the introduction of agent spender (oh and wasnt he the same actor who played the 'young' smoking man, [for obvious reasons if it is], but like why would they double up an actor like that?? :S)

anyways i really liked the album it was mad! thanx for the upload. ive got a few things downloading on my uTorrent but when its done im going to get the whole back cataloge! :D gotta work on my japanese though... all i remember is 'itchy knee...' :D)

hope you get well soon nan! get "xfilin"

Erin said...

Haha, what can I say? I'm a skilled watcher.

ALSO~did you know that the same actor who plays young Cigarette Smoking Man/Spender played that weird monster guy on "Post-Modern Prometheus"?! OMFG.

But yay, X-Files is fun. :3 I've been skimming through some of my favourite episodes recently - I'm in season 6.

Oh, and I'm glad you like Ayu! If you get CNN international, she's giving an interview on the 8th. I'm UBER excited because it means that she's becoming more there's more of a chance that *perhaps* she'll try to breach the American market. But that may just be my wishful thinking, lol. Nevertheless it should be interesting.

Albums of hers that I recommend besides Secret:
I am...

all of her remix albums are awesome, too. And there are tons of them. I have nearly 300 Ayu songs in my collection. XD

Nanny, I'm glad you're feeling better. You're so lucky, though, missing two days in a row! (Today we all have off because there's a gunman on the loose o.O; ).

Anonymous said...

Wow, he tripled up, you say? thats even more amazing than johnathon woodward being in all the whedon shows - coz hes in the SAME show 3 times. :D

I remember didnt 'the vessel' in ep 1&2 of buffy also play 'the judge' in S2?

Oh and ive got the Ayu discography paused ready to be downloaded when ive got the time... its a disgusting...9.4 gigabites! so i hazard to guess i may just beat your 300 songs by the time it finishes :D. Dont be jealous! The good thing about torrents is you can choose only the songs you want to download first... so ill just download the albms you suggested first.

oh and dont forget to keep checking over at and leave me comments coz i feel bad and unwanted without them!! thanks for the ones you left though, erin and nan.

Erin said...

OH YEAH~speaking of the vessel/the judge, that same actor played the Alien Bounty Hunter throughout the X-Files series.

And then Alex Baldwin or whatever his name is from Angel/Firefly/Serenity is also in the last 2(? maybe just 9, I forget) seasons of the X-Files as that super soldier guy with the name that's hard to say/spell. ^^;

When it comes to downloading j-pop albums/songs, I usually just surf around livejournal groups to find what I need - it's easier than waiting forever with bittorrent, especially since my internet on my desktop compy broke. I save bittorrent for the big stuff like TV shows *coughxfilescough*

I dunno if I mentioned this already, but Ayu is on the US iTunes store now. I dunno about Australia, though.

nan said...

The guy who plays the Judge/the Vessel/every other vampire in BtVS is also Bear in the episode "Ice" of X-files.

Erin said...

No that's crazy vamp/Rack!

...equally as creepy though. I really liked that ep, btw. :3

SupComTabz said...

Andrew goodness!

Anonymous said...

Gary i forgot to agree with you that the soundtrack to SIGN is so awesomely good. but then, many things about it are really good :P

i totally missed the fact that judge/vessel was the bounty hunter in xfiles (d'oh) im so stupid!

speaking of watching Xfiles... im invested in so many things at the moment its becoming annoying. Im watching the xfiles, but im also watching scrubs AND Battlestar galactica. Im reading the silmarillion, but started reading 'the stand' by steven king AND fight club the novel (excellent btw) AND 'the time machine' by HG Wells.
I really should cut down on these things but im liking them all :D

oh and on the iTunes thing - you can log into any iTunes store no matter where you are so i can access the american one if i wanted to.

nan said...

Fight Club is so good! if you like that, you should check out other Chuck Palahniuk books. he is, by far, my favorite author. i highly recommend: Survivor, Invisible Monsters, and Haunted. all of his books are great, but those are my favorite so far.

Anonymous said...

Bah! Im drowning in a sea of books as it is! Thanks a LOT nan!!

But yes ive heard they are very good and ill definately check them out. Isnt it amazing how similar the fight club novel is to the movies, you dont often see a book so literally adapted. The movie would rank up in my top 10 movies. Others in that list would be 'the usual suspects', 'the fitfh element' (:D i really love that movie) and 'austin powers 1&2'

im really veering of on tangents in this post, huh? Back to the topic! Ayu Rocks!! :P

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