Monday, December 18, 2006

Episode 6 is up!

After an extraordinary long delay, Episode 6 is finally complete! iTunes should be updated eventually, but if you simply cannot wait, check the feed to download. Feel free to discuss the episode in this post's comment section. :3



nan said...

wow, that was a lot faster than usual.

Erin said...



It would have been faster if my stupid internet hadn't been broken all friggin' afternoon.

Harry said...

WOOOH fan of the week!
well id like to shout out to my brother tucker, who gave me the inspiration "no one cares u little monkey"
yay soooo good to listen to this again, ive been listening to all the old ones, now i have fresh material.

Harry said...

all done listening!
didnt spike go to get his chip removed not to get his soul back?
meh anyway . . .
. . . is my slayer too far gone to care . . .

Erin said...

At the end of Season 6 after the whole attempted-rape scenario Spike went to Africa to get his soul back. Later in Season 7 when the chip was malfunctioning or what have you, he got it removed by the military d00ds. Besides, because he had a soul he didn't need it anymore. At least in the eyes of Buffy. :3

paul colombo said...

eviltrio -

I'm an avid listener, and I am extremely bored, so I decided to comment on random things as I listen until I get tired of typing.

Angel is okay, btw I am a huge Spuffy fan. The first two seasons were okay, but once Connor showed up...

I've never dressed up as a Buffy character, though I always wanted to.

I'd let you guys babysit. All I need is kids. Or to live relatively close. Maybe I'll pick one up.

I first heard Common Rotaion on the Succubus Club, and I found them enjoyable.

I really enjoyed season six when it first aired. At the time, most people were enraged because of all the sex and drug metaphors. I was in a huge minority.

Off topic=love.

Buffy -> Kendra -> Faith.

Joss Whedon answered the question in early season six saying that Buffy's s1 death called Kendra, and now her death couldn't call another girl.

I feel, all of Buffy's actions in season 6 are a direct consequence of her mother's death.

I've played Dungeons and Dragons. It's so fun!

I have decided to write a list of some of my fav episodes (no order) of season six:

1. Tabula Rasa
2. Once More With Feeling (okay here's my thing with this: it is amazing, it is so well performed by the cast, but there are other episodes that are equally good that are overshadowed by OMWF, such as others on this list.)
3. Normal Again
4. Dead Things
5. Hell's Bells
6. Seeing Red (huge Willow/Tara shipper here, and it was so upsetting, but so wonderful)

If you continued to read this, I give you mad props. :D


ps. to those who were questioning Spike's intentions for going to Africa, he went to get a soul. They never said either way, and Jane Espenson confirmed it was meant from the beginning to be a soul retrieval mission.

Harry said...

my bad!
woops i thought he went to get the chip removed so he could show buffy he wasnt weak but the demon gave him his soul instead, i just misunderstood.
thx for the info!

Neil said...

Dontcha just hate it when you type a really long responce on CRZ about the awesomeness that in the new podcast and the Spike vs. Soul Chip issue, and when you post it something screws up and you lose it all?
I sure do.
I dont have the will power to write it again though...
Back to listening!

Benny said...

Hey I feel for you neil. a few days ago i posted something and it come up like 5 times! Erin had to fix it for me lol.

Great podcast! All my begging for F.O.T.E payed off i guess :P

Oh and yay my hatemail was read out! I feel so special. Oh and we were plugged! Maybe we will actually get some COMMENTS on our site :D

THANKS GIRLS! Your officially gonna be fans of the episode on OUR podcast due out in january... well on our SECOND podcast coz, of course... spikebytes has exclusive rights to send us money and buy the title first time off :D

And Paul welcome to the CULT!

nan said...

Hey Paul! Welcome! im going to try to address most of your points, but you wrote a four story (sorry-thats an alias line, and im a huge nerd.) OK!
-i, too, hated conner, and i thought that angel got a little shakey when he came (um, Jasmine??), but i think it regained it strength after he was gone
- if you go to the park im sure there are a lot of little kids walking around aimlessly-pick one up and give us a call
-i highly suggest dressing up as a buffy character, even if youre alone in your room-its quite empowering
-Common Rotation is amazing.
-season 6 might be my favorite, but that changes daily
-i tried to explain the Buffy-Kendra-Faith thing via and M&M scenario, but that clearly didnt work
-my dream is to play D&D
-i agree with your fav episode list completely, except i would add Bargaining Parts 1 and 2

ok, that was long. bye!

paul colombo said...

nan- never apologize for being an alias nerd! I quit watching after season four. But at it's core (s1-3) it's an amazing show.

I've been listening since you first posted the first podcast. I wish I had began commenting before.

My favorite seasons in order are:

1. Season 3.
2. Season 6.
3. Season 4.
4. Season 7.
5. Season 5. (It's ironic that this season is so down on my list, because there are so many episodes I love, including my all time favorite episode Fool For Love.)
6. Season 1.

Benny- Thanks for the welcome! :D

SupComTabz said...

Just FYI - the reason no Slayer was called after Buffy is because Buffy's death wasn't a real death.... it was a mystical death....

SupComTabz said...

Oh.. and I love my CRZ podcast.... wait... does that mean you're CR(A)Z(Y)

nan said...

paul- i watched (and now own) all 5 seasons, but i honestly cannot stand to watch 4 and 5. it was such a shame because 1, 2, and 3 were all so great, and 4 just sucked (dont get me started on 5, which is weird because a lot of Angel/Buffy writers joined the staff (J.J. was a huge BtVS fan).

welcome SupComTabz!

Benny said...

I love paul colombos name :D i used to watch that show when i was a kid :D he was such a wiseass he was awesome...

anywhooo... season 6 is my fav season... although *I* like season 4 angel so what do i know :P i feel the same way as nan about S4 buffy but i can bring myself to watch 5 i think its "alright"

My fav ep of all 12 seasons in the buffyverse is also 'fool for love' :D, while 'normal again' I have to put up super high because, well... I FELL FOR IT! well maybe 95%. whats more, they so COULD have gone down that track and made it work. also high up the list would be all the final 5 (i think) episodes of angel once illyria comes in, OMWF and dopplegangland and band candy. Oh and of course passion and Becoming pts1&2. oh and Hush. oh and anything with the trio...

ill just shutup now :P

(oh and a shoutout to 'ariel' from firefly :P)

Benny said...

oh and that ep with the anya backstory and here getting speared with the sword - cant remember which that was called. But the anya/olaf scene was shiny!
oh and i realised i said fool for love was my favorite BUT in fact what i MENT to say was 'Lovers Walk' (the love bit confused me) from season 3. thats my fav ep, although i LOVE the FFL/Darla crossover. The only thing that tops any of the above for 'favorite moment' was the part where andrew tells xander about anyas death... probably the saddest moment of my life :'(

Benny said...

i wept like a baby - which was hard coz i was already crying pretty hard. that part gave me a 'super cry'

paul colombo said...

Benny - lol, i think you're talking about the show "Columbo", but I've never seen it. Paul Colombo is simply my name. :D

Nan - To this day I have never seen season five. And I plan on keeping that way. Luckily I have blocked out season four from my mind. Because of this, I can keep the show pure in my mind. I own the first three seasons on DVD.

everyone else- (including Benny) I wrote that list fast, and it was supposed to be a list of my favorite seasons of Buffy, but for some reason I left out 2.

1. 3
2. 6
3. 4
4. 2
5. 7
6. 5
7. 1

Angel seasons....

1. 2
2. 1
3. 5
4. 3
5. 4

Okay... I need to stop writing lists :D

I have attempted to write a list of my favorite episodes of Buffy (in order), but I always end up getting so frustrated I quit. Too many good hours of television.

SupComTabz said...

Thanks for the welcome Nan! I love you guys... I even talked about the CRZ love on my own podcast - Strangely Literal. :)

Erin said...

Since everyone's writing up lists~

1. Season 5
2. Season 3, Season 2, Season 6
3. Season 7
4. Season 1

Yeah...seasons 3, 2, and 6 are all tied in my mind.

1. Season 5
2. Season 1
3. Season 2
4. Season 3
5. Season 4

Mind you that none of the seasons of AtS as a whole even come close to comparing with BtVS. However, there are some really awesome moments that I will be sure to mention in the podcast that do certify as "Buffy Quality."

nan said...

Benny- "Selfless" is the episode where Anya is stabbed (im so cool that i didnt even have to look that up. just knew it.)

and, much like paul said, i get so frustrated when making "favorite" lists, so i will not.

what i will do is wish a good, hearty "Happy Holidays" to all you people!

NeilBD said...

Funny that, I watched Selfless just yesterday! Well not funny but coincidence then.
You know, Selfless would have been the perfect send off for Anya. Its a shame she had such a horrible one in Chosen. She deserved better and Selfless would have been it.
Love it.

Anonymous said...

Hi- I enjoy listening to your podcast. Like (almost) everyone else, I loved 'Once More With Feeling' and was looking forward to hearing any overanalysis with that episode. But you gals whizzed passed it! I'm definitely holding the three of you to go back and dedicate a whole episode (or at least a good long discussion) about that one episode as you mentioned in the cast!

thanks -
listener in HI