Friday, December 15, 2006

upgrade + news

Hey, just letting you all know that we finally upgraded to the beta version of if there are weird kinks or something, that's probably the reason why. Hopefully they'll fix themselves.

As I mentioned in a comment or something, we're fairly certain we're getting together on Sunday to record CRZ Episode 6. w00t! If you have any questions you want us to answer in the podcast, or if you want to send in fake hatemail since we don't have any for our "who hates us this week" segment, feel free to do so.

See you soon~!


Harry said...

wooooh yay!
now this is good news, as ive recently been re-watching sesason 6 and this would just top it off!
cant wait to here it.

Benny said...

Hatemail officially sent, losers!

Benny said...

oh n check out my site ive done some updatng too :P thanks LOSERS!

Neil said...

Thanks for the update Erin! Cant wait to hear it. THen theres only 2 more podcasts after that
*weeps gently*

Benny said...

dont forget the angel podcasts BD

Anonymous said...

Not very pleased govnokommenty, but still can be read.