Wednesday, February 15, 2006

CRZ episode 2 is up!

Hey everyone, episode 2 is officially up! I dunno how long it will take for the feed to get updated, or whatever it does, but hopefully everything should work out OK.



EDIT: Sorry...earlier for some reason I was having difficulty with it showing up on the RSS feed. Apparently my XML feed is invalidated, and I was in the process of "fixing" it when it randomly showed up. So...I guess it should work now. ^.^;


Anonymous said...

you have officially been linked.

also.. the link to the buffy album is there too.

Gabriel Ratchet said...

I just listened to the latest podcast. Very entertaining and spot on, well, most of the time. One word of advice, though -- don't talk over each other so much; I love your enthusiasm, but I felt like I was missing a lot of the best lines.

Holly said...

Just got around to listening to your podcast. Was awesome again. Yay I got a shoutout!