Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Ode to the Skateboard

Post written by: Ellie

The long-awaited (or not-so-long-awaited) poem has arrived! Nan and I slaved long and hard to create this epic poem [read: we were sitting in the library and got bored and decided to write a poem in 5 minutes]. So here it is, the fabulous masterpiece itself.

Ode to the Skateboard

Oh glistening wheels,
Spinning thy eternal spinniness
In the dwelling of Angel (theoretically),
Art thou not to return to our fair Xander’s basement?
Where he can practice on thee
So he stops crashing into inanimate objects.
Oh skateboard,
You tickle the heart like a cool and refreshing Zima
Despite the fact that your owner probably is on Zima, considering the way he skateboards….
Thine beauty is actually giving me writer’s block,
So here endeth the poem,
Dear skateboard of mine.

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Holly said...

I stumbled upon this podcast through itunes and you guys are hilarious. Keep up the awesomeness.