Friday, February 10, 2006

new and improved logo!

Here is our NEW and IMPROVED logo. Nan geniusly photoshopped the hell out o' that invisi-ray. Yo.


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Anonymous said...

oh.. because nan[licious] is in a state of mild disappointment at the lack of commentage.. here you go.
now, fly, my pretties! and chat all on your merry threesome about "oh! hoorah! a new comment today!"
victoria doyle is sitting next to me. just in case you needed some hintage as to what mystery creature i may be. she's of grand importance to this post.. because apparently her aniki is the one who burned the anthony stewart head album for shade.. and now it's in my hands!!! muhahah! ripped at 320kbps~
and also omwf. also at 320kbps~
and a good thing too.. b/c the one i originally had was lower..
and here's to the buffy album.. ripped by someone else at 160kpbs.

and the new like picture thing is pretty niftaculous. was that originally the invisibility ray..?