Thursday, February 09, 2006

Yay! We're so happy!

On behalf of the Not-So-Evil Trio, I want to thank all of you guys who've commented (and even those who've just listened but not commented) on CRZ on this blog or someplace else. The feedback that we have been getting has been so nice, and it really makes us happy that we're doing this project. It also motivates us to bring you bigger and better CRZ goodness. Image hosting by Photobucket

Speaking of bigger and better CRZ goodness, tomorrow the three of us are yet again crashing at my place, and recording the second episode. Image hosting by Photobucket Although we have not yet purchased a new mic to replace my poor excuse of a webcam, I think we've understood what makes the loud screechy noises, so we'll try and keep that to a minimum.

Thanks yet again for your support!! Image hosting by Photobucket


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