Monday, February 06, 2006

some exciting developments!

Hey everyone! I have some GREAT news~!

cool, refreshing zima is now on iTunes! Image hosting by Photobucket Check it out:

So yes, this means if you have iTunes, just search something along the lines of "Buffy," and we should appear. Then, click subscribe, voila! CRZ, direct.

In addition, I added CRZ to a few podcast directories, such as, and some other ones that I currently forget.

Also...about the layout. And IE. For some reason, at least on the school's computers, this layout looks all funky in IE. Which is weird, since I tested it in IE. In Firefox it looks fine, though. Anyways, I'm sorry for that inconvenience, and hopefully by this weekend I'll have a special layout by me for the blog. Unfortunately all three of us are going to be extremely busy these next few weeks because of a show that Nan and I are teching that's this Friday and Saturday, and then the following week has many tests and quizzes due to the upcoming 2 weeks we have of special studies (Ellie and I will be in Mexico, actually). So although I'm really hoping to get that done, at this point I can't guarantee it. But keep your fingers crossed!

Lastly, for our one or maybe two fans, this weekend is beginning to look promising for CRZ Episode keep checking back for updates. Image hosting by Photobucket

Thanks guys!


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20questionsgenius said...

Hello to all of you! I just wanted to say that i found your podcast on itunes the other day when i was looking yet again for any new podcasts about Buffy. I was so excited to find y'alls. And after reading that all of you started watching in october of 2005 that made it even cooler cuz that is exactly when i started watching too. I am completely obsessed like you guys. And my favorite character is Spike, you gotta love Spike, funny and sexy. So i laughed out loud on the parts where you guys were all like if you dont like spike or andrew just leave now. lol. and plus i just gotta say i was listening to your review or "the puppet show" and when you talked about the whole oedipus thing and how he gouged his eyes out and then the same thing happened to xander in season 7 it was just so completely cool. I knew who oedipus was, but i didnt really know much else on the story so thanks for that. Good luck with the podcast and thanks for the new perspective on BtVS. Keep up the good work.